Kenyon vs. Skidmore

Hello! I am in a predicament and seeking advice. I am currently unsure of where to ED I. I initially fell in love with Kenyon because of the incredibly tight-knit community, the gorgeous campus, and the friendly and incredibly kind people. I was set that Kenyon was the place for me until I visited Skidmore. The photos online did not excite me and I was not really looking forward to visiting but upon getting there I really liked the campus and the people we saw and spoke to. Skidmore’s three pluses for me are 1) Top rated riding team 2) really strong music program (I am planning on majoring in poli sci or psych but love music and want to pursue vocal music aside from my academics) and 3) has things to do in Saratoga Springs. I love the community, campus, vibe, people, etc at Kenyon but Skidmore’s riding program, location, and music program are incredibly enticing. I just feel so attached to Kenyon and truly do love it but it seems like Skidmore is the more practical option in terms of what I am looking for. What should I do?? If you attend either of these schools, I would love your opinion/ vibe of the school!

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Are both schools affordable for your family? D20 had 2 favorites for a really long time and was struggling about which one to pick. She just woke up morning and decided to pick one. She was accepted and never looked back. You can always apply ED to one and then ED 2 to the other, if necessary.

FWIW, I love Skidmore! Saratoga Is a fabulous little city! I have no firsthand experience with Kenyon.

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For the confluence of music and riding, Skidmore might be a top 10 pick overall. Seems like a perfect fit for you. Go for it!


Skidmore seems like the better match for you based on your interests.

Kenyon College is small (about 1,700 students) & isolated; Skidmore College is has a significantly larger number of students (about 2,600) and is located in a beautiful town & in a beautiful region with lots of activities.

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Money is not a deciding factor in my college search. I appreciate your input about your daughter and feel I will have a similar feeling one morning where I know which one is truly right.

Kenyon’s isolation is real. Saratoga Springs (Skidmore) is a terrific place. Getting in and out of Skidmore is easier too. My son loved Skidmore and it was one of his two finalists. He has two friends there who are very happy. If it has the mix of programs and activities you want combined with easier access and a great town, I think Skidmore is a great choice.


I have a sophomore at Kenyon who at first thought her top choice was Macalester. The two can’t be more different in terms of the location (and she got into both)–just wanted to stress that she isn’t bothered by Kenyon’s rural and relatively isolated location at all. She has lots of friends, is busy with her classes, clubs, theater and music activities (taking lessons in her first instrument and playing her second instrument in the symphonic wind ensemble). She’s not a music major or minor, just pursuing it as a hobby and has enjoyed her music classes there. Overall, she’s had a fantastic experience at Kenyon, both academically and socially. There’s A LOT to do on campus plus there’s a real town nearby and Columbus not too far away. I can’t comment on Skidmore (we only looked at Midwestern LACs), just wanted to share her experience at Kenyon. Sounds like both are great options, good luck!


Why ED if you are unsure? Just apply to both, attend admitted students days and then decide. A lot can change in 6 months when you are only 17 or 18. Why not have options?


While I agree, I believe my only chance of being admitted to either institution (or at least Kenyon) would be through early decision.


To me the deciding factor is the riding team. How important is that for you? You won’t lack for things to do or wonderful music opportunities at Kenyon. Poli sci and psych are two of the most popular majors, but I believe that riding is a small club on campus.

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Don’t know your stats but if you think you can only get in ED you might not get in at all.

We are not you. We can’t truly know where you’d be better. Only you can.

So decide and don’t look back and apply to THE other as well.

Personally I’d go non binding. If you fell in love with these two you’ll fall in love with others as well. Such as Kalamazoo or Beloit or Dickinson or Hobart.

Sounds like there are many schools that can satisfy you. And there is.

So either you decide bcuz we can only hear what you say but that’s not your true feel.

Or keep both options open by applying non binding to both.

Where did you end up applying to?

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