Kenyon, William and Mary, American, Bates, Wake Forest, Rhodes, St.Olaf and Washington and Lee,

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My high school is a public school of about 2,400 kids located in a suburb outside of Chicago. My school does not do class rank.
GPA weighted: 4.2
GPA unweighted 3.58
ACT composite: 30
ACT writing: 10
Basically all honors courses and a few APs
AP Biology, AP Spanish, AP Psychology, AB Calculus, AP Government, AP US History, AP Language and Composition

Some ACT award from the college board
National Honors Society Member
Spanish Honors Society Member
Bi-literate award (probably)
Gold Award from Girl Scouts (not complete yet, but will be soon)

3 year varsity member of my school’s speech team, competed at the state level for 2 years.
Co-President of an environmental club at my school
2 year member of Youth and Government, Legislator for 2 years.
Marching Band in my freshman year.
Involved in 2 musicals (in the pit.)
Girl Scout Ambassador

over 500 hours of volunteering at a forest preserve/equestrian center.
over 150 hours through my church
over 20 hours of volunteering through Girl Scouts

Girl Scout Gold Award: I started a project where people could donate their homecoming/prom dresses and I collect them all and create an event where girls with less financial means can pick their dress along with getting some deals on hair salons, nail salons and alterations. I collected over 100 dresses and I am currently trying to schedule the date for the event. I also created a handbook and gave it to the fashion club at my school so that e this event is going to be able to continue after I graduate.

I am have interviewed or am planning on interviewing at all the schools that offer it. I usually interview pretty well so hopefully that will increase the likelihood of me getting into some of these schools.
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