Kettering and Rose-Hulman

<p>Hi everyone,</p>

<p>I'm a graduating senior this year. So far, I've gotten into ASU Barrett, U of A honors college (A being Arizona in both cases), Kettering, and Rose-Hulman. I've applied to several others, but don't hear back until March or April. I have been considering the colleges I've gotten into so far in case I don't get in anywhere else, or if the costs turn out to be prohibitive, and I've asked around about Rose-Hulman and Kettering, since I haven't heard much about them outside of US News rankings and the like. One concern that I heard about Kettering was that its reputation does not extend far beyond the region, and that a degree from there would be somewhat limiting as far as graduate school or seeking employment outside of the auto industry. My aunt (a college counselor) had heard similar things about Rose-Hulman having a primarily regional reputation. I was wondering if anyone had heard similar things about either of these schools, or if they'd heard something completely different. Personal experiences would be great, too.</p>

<p>Thanks in advance!

<p>Our initial impressions of Kettering were very good when we visited, but since then we've been hearing terrible stories about crime in the Flint area near the school. I would not feel comfortable sending my kids there. There is a Kettering parents board on FB which is very interesting that you may want to check out. </p>

<p>Recruiting is somewhat regional for both schools but we are in Mid-Michigan and I know the large companies here do recruit from Rose-Hulman.</p>

<p>OK, thanks! I'm mainly concerned with academics and what possibilities the college would open up in the future. I'm going into mechanical engineering, but I may not end up in the auto industry, or I may end up going into law school (depending on where my head is at in 4 years). That's good to know about the crime, though!</p>