Kfc4u appreciation thread

<p>Just thought this would be very appropriate to thank Kfc4u for all his guidance and for taking the time to answer everyone's questions about anything and everything UCLA. Seriously you have been so helpful and your insights are part of the reason why I ultimately chose the school.</p>

<p>I second that and am tacking on UCLAri, Icarus, and JYancy.</p>


<p>ditto. kfc4u is really helpful. thanks a lot too!!</p>

<p>oo yes of course. all the peopel shinseki mentioned: UCLAri, Icarus, and JYancy!</p>

<p>And I think DaRaverLA's been pretty helpful and responsive.</p>

<p>But yeah, you guys rock. Thanks so much for all your advice.</p>

<p>thanks Laurak. I was "eagerly" looking for my name by the way :)</p>

<p>kfc4u ur my hero i need to meet you someday</p>

<p>Yeah, thank you kfc4u for putting up with all of my state finals excitement...</p>

<p>And thank you also to flopsy, mikemac, brandnew2</p>

<p>How about a round of applause for everyone on this board?</p>

<p>flopsy is my hero. He has the best avatar on the MyUCLA forums. Yay flopsy!</p>

<p>Thanks, UCLAri! You're my hero(ine) too!</p>


<p>Dude, I'm a dude! LOL</p>


<p>awww thanks everyone and thanks pixiedanzer for starting this thread! i went onto CC and i was like "what?!" haha.</p>

<p>Lol hahahaha</p>

<p>Most of people mentioned on this post have directly or indirectly helped all incoming UCLA students on cc.
Thanks guys (or gals, i don't know).
Hopefully we would be of some help to the new students new year.</p>

<p>thanks everyone - glad to help :)</p>

<p>oh and I'd like to thank mikemac, flopsy, and icarus! i think they've been here since the old CC... back when i was an entering student to ucla!</p>

<p>Noooo pixiedanzer... you chose UCLA? But I thought USC open house went so well for you!</p>

<p>face it megastud... ucla is just better than usc</p>

<p>im taking ucla over usc too</p>