Khan academy as sat prep?

does anybody know how good khan academy’s sat prep program is?

as background info, i got a 1300 on my psat 10 as a sophomore back in february. i just took an sat practice test on khan academy last week with no preparation, and i got a 1440. this just seems weird to me.

do you guys think college board is making the khan academy sat practice easier than the actual test? or were there other factors in my sudden score jump?

I’m also wondering the same.

Its actually pretty good, I managed to get my score up around 200 points just using it from the 1100s to 1300s. The practice tests are also fairly accurate.

However, for content review it’s not enough, you might have to get a couple of books by College Panda or Erica Meltzer for their respective subjects.

i would understand a score jump if i actually used it to study, but i went in blind and saw a huge score jump. it’s suspicious.

i’m not sure if i need content review tbh. i get like 15 wrong in math with calculator and 1 wrong in the other three sections combined. i know what i need to focus on so couldn’t i just study that stuff without a book?

I only used Khan Acad for my test prep. I’ll drop my PSAT, SAT, and SAT practices.

10th grade PSAT: 1420 (740 Math, 680 EBRW)

First ever practice test: 1570 (??? I still have no idea how)
… more practices tests with range 1470 to 1560

11th grade SAT: 1540 (770 Math, EBRW)

Personally, I drilled EBRW every day and I think it actually did help me improve.

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The Khan practice tests are the official College Board practice tests, most of which are previously administered actual SAT tests.

So no, they aren’t easier than actual tests as they are actual tests (or tests made by those who make the actual tests.) You won’t find anything more accurate.

With additional schooling, familiarity with the test, lack of pressure knowing it’s just practice, and the 60 point inter-test variation, the score increase is certainly not out of the range of what would be expected.

IMO, Khan is certainly the best free SAT prep, and is quite comparable to many of the other mass tutoring programs and recommended books.


it’s the preeminent free prep resource on the internet and I would say it’s generally good, especially for math and writing. However, be aware that some of the explanations for reading questions aren’t exactly high quality (i.e. B is incorrect because D is the better answer)

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I can’t say much about the practice tests but my D21 used Khan exclusively to prepare and got 1450 first sitting. Only sitting too due to COVID.