Kid with sense of humor

<p>My kid was going to do a number on me. He is submitting his ED application this week. He told his dad he was going to register on CC as a new user and write on the Parents Forum how he really didn't want to go to his ED school, he was applying because his parents wanted him to go. He'd use enough identifying information so I would know it was really S. Luckily, his dad told him that he shouldn't do it, I'd have a heart attack.</p>

<p>I love his sense of humor in general, but he knows I'm so damn gullible.
I could see myself reading his post and panicking. </p>

<p>The essay is DONE! Application will be submitted tomorrow. Tonight I hit my husband with the Business/Farm Supplement....grrrr.</p>

<p>That is so funny...what a great sense of humor your son has!</p>