Kind enough to chance me and recommend?

<p>I'm new to this "chance me" process, meaning I haven't got a clue how you guys determine it, BUT here it goes:</p>

<p>-ACT: 34
-PSAT: 206 (Took this without any prep whatsoever)
-SAT: Debating whether or not to take it
-GPA: 5.9/6.0 (Weighted) 3.9/4.0 (Unweighted) <em>Just off because we were required to take regular health sophomore year</em></p>

Freshman year-All honors
Sophomore year-All honors and AP Euro (5)
Junior year-AP Chem (5), AP Bio (4), APUSH (5), AP Spanish Language(5), AP English Language(5)
Senior year-Planning to take AP Environmental Sci, AP Calc BC, AP Physics C, AP English Comp, AP Micro, AP Gov
OVERALL 12 AP Courses</p>

-Yearbook for 3 years
---Club Member (10th)
---People Editor (11th)
---Student Life Editor (12th)<em>Most difficult section</em>
---Various awards and distinctions I won't get into
-Math Team for 3 years
---State Qualifier 10th and 11th on 8-Man team
---8th in State for 8-Man team in 10th
-Co-founded British Club in 11th and current Vice President
-Cosmopolitan Club for 2 years (11th and 12th)
-Spanish Club for 3 years (10th, 11th, 12th)
-Drama Production Freshman Year-I was sadly sucked into a play :P
-Math Tutor for 6 months in my Sophomore year
-Briefly a member of Film Critics Organizations for 3-4 months</p>

-Student of the Quarter (10th) <em>A teacher picks best student in his course for the quarter</em>
-Honor Roll and School Scholar award
-National Spanish Exam awards-Gold (10th), Silver (11th)
-Deans List 3 Years
-National Honors Society
A bunch of other stuff I'm probably forgetting</p>

<p>-I also volunteered at my local library one summer</p>

<p>I know my problem is that I have no volunteering/community work but that's what I lost being so focused on school. </p>

<p>Number one choice schools: UIC's GPPA Program, Wash U's 7-year dual med program, Northwestern
Other schools: Loyola Chicago, U of I
I'm honestly at a loss in deciding what I want to do because I could try for better schools but I dont want to get my hopes up. Any schools that would work would be much appreciated!</p>

<p>Loyola Chicago-safety
U of I-safety
UIC- match
Northwestern-high match</p>

<p>Check out CMU & Emory! You sound like the kind of student who would like it there and I’d call them a match for you. </p>

<p>Chance back? <a href=“[/url]”>;/a&gt;&lt;/p&gt;

<p>sorry, but the person above me’s post is very inaccurate for WashU and Northwestern (they are VERY competitive). Your realistic chances would be:
WashU: low reach/reach
Northwestern: low reach/reach
UIC: low match
Loyola: safety
U of I: safety
Your ACT is good, so I wouldn’t take the SAT if I were you. but definitely take a few SAT subject tests. For you, I would look at schools ranked 15-30</p>

<p>NWU: Reach (HPME or not)
WUSTL: Reach
UIC GPPA: Low match/Match
Loyola Chicago: Safety
UIUC: Low match</p>