Kind of a stupid question (I guess) BUT.....

<p>....why don't colleges use number grades on transcripts (like 100, 95, 88, etc)?</p>

<p>1) Are you a Trish Stratus fan?</p>

<p>2) using numbers would complicate things when it comes to it being transferred to other schools who might not know the college's grading scale</p>

<p>And not to mention that classes are taught by different professors, so a 50 could be an A in one math class while it could be an F in another.</p>

<p>Yeah, I've had classes where grades were out of 150, or 541. And I know there are some professors who do use the 100 scale, but an A is 88+, and so on. Each one develops a scale, and each one determines what an A is, based on how much of an achievement a certain grade is. Like a 99 in a class on a 150 scale would not be so great. But an 88 out of 100 could be an A if the professor feels it's a significant accomplishment, but it's hard to convey that without letter grades.</p>

<p>@Magneto, a huge one. :D</p>