kinda a random question

<p>how do you pronounce Fordham? is it ford-ham or ford-um or something else? my friend and i have been debating about his for like 3 days straight.</p>

<p>i guess ford-um</p>

<p>You are correct. Your friend is incorrect. And whatever you do, dont go on campus and mispronounce it or use the incorrect pronunciation to a Fordham student or alum or faculty member. LOL.</p>

<p>Ask Denzel Washington. He is a Fordham graduate.</p>

<p>ford-um...or as my H jokes, Can't Affordham...</p>

<p>yeah its for-dum</p>

<p>thanks for the answers. i had a college fair on thurs and i didn't want to mispronounce fordham</p>