- kinda - Transfer Student Applying to University of Washington

The pandemic has changed the plans of a lot of students, including myself.

While I was planning on going to art school this fall in another state, I deferred my admission to fall of 2022 to wait until it could be a bit safer to go out. Being stuck in my home state for a whole gap year, I decided to pick up extra hours at my job as well as take a few classes with Bellevue College. I ended up receiving a promotion to a management position, which has prompted me to consider reapplying for college, this time for business, and this time as a transfer student.

However, I’m pretty new to the process, especially being a now-transfer student with my whole 10 credits thus far from Bellevue College. In my first round of college applications, I applied entirely to private art colleges, which is very different in terms of “competitiveness” as they’re more judged on your portfolio, not your GPA.

I was wondering how I can gauge what my odds are of getting in, and what I can do to. boost my chances. In high school I had a GPA just below 35, but I had 7 AP classes and several accelerated and honors classes, along with a lot of clubs and extracurriculars. Now in college, I have a 4.0 and a decent job. However, I’ve only had time to take 2 classes during my gap year so far, and so I think this diminishes the validity of that high GPA.

As a transfer student this fresh out of high school, how heavily are my high school academics weighed versus my college ones? Will UW see if I take more classes next quarter and continue to maintain a 4.0, and will that boost the validity of my GPA? How common is it to transfer into UW with only a few classes?
Thank you for any and all input!

With so few college credits, they will be focusing on the high school transcript. It’s best to attend a UW “Transfer Thursday” info session to get questions answered. And, of course, the transfer counselors at BC are very familiar with how to get into UW as well.