Kindle Battery Question

My Kindle paperwhite is a little over 2 years old. It gets moderate use, but not daily use.

I’m noticing that it either isn’t holding a battery charge or alternatively I’m wondering if my magnetic cover is not doing it’s job and thus the screen isn’t turning off between uses. The magnetic cover was nothing over the top expensive so I’m happy to invest in a new one…

Or might I need a new Kindle battery? Has anyone got a new battery - can I change it myself? Where did you purchase a new one?

Any other troubleshooting you recommend?

I have the same issue, though mine is several years old. One thing my husband mentioned is that if it’s constantly trying to connect to a WiFi signal, that can drain the battery. Don’t know where you keep it, but maybe consider turning that off.

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Hmmm at home we have solid wireless - I do sometimes bring it to work and so it might not connect…but I’ve always done that, nothing new. I could certainly set it on airplane mode because once my book is downloaded I don’t need the wifi.

If you reused an older magnetic cover for the new kindle, then it’ll appear to work but doesn’t actually turn off the screen. The best way to check is just to look closely in a dark room to see if the screen is lit with the cover closed. I’ve never changed a paperwhite battery so I can’t really comment there, but in general they do start losing battery capacity slowly over time like all electronic devices.

Here’s a few tips I follow for preserving battery life. Always turn off wifi except for the few minutes when you’re actively downloading content. Don’t charge until it falls to around 40%, and in general avoid frequent charging. Also don’t let it sit on the charger once it reaches 100%.

I think we have the same generation kindle and I did notice immediately that the battery capacity seems smaller than my previous one.

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My cover was purchased for this Kindle. I’ll take note if it’s turning off in a dark room.

Yes, you’ll definitely notice a huge difference with wifi on vs off. Mine is always off except for when I’m actively downloading content.

I don’t have a cover on mine and the battery is still fine after several years. I always have the wifi on when I’m using it. It seems to me that even with a cover, it should turn itself off after a time of inactivity. You can call Amazon support. In the past they have been very helpful and if there has been a problem with my Kindle, they have always offered to exchange it for a new one at a very reduced price.

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I’m not sure about Paperwhite Kindles, but Fire Tablets don’t have changeable batteries. When the battery dies, you have to get a new one. You might want to check with Amazon Customer Service to see if you even can change it.

When my Fire tablet battery died, I contacted them, and they said I couldn’t change it, but then offered me a discount to get a new one. So, it was worth contacting them.

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