Kinds of food to have in dorm

<p>I was just wondering what kinds of foods are most popular in the dorms. Also, what would you recommend buying in bulk at a store such as Costco? (I hate ramen, so that's an exception)</p>

<p>lol as soon as i saw this title i was going to say ramen =p</p>

<p>But how about nature valley bars, rice cakes, or ritz crackers.
And if you have a fridge you could have yogurt!</p>

<p>Don't buy too much in bulk since you're not going to have room to store it unless your dorm room is abnormally large.</p>

<p>I tend to keep cereal, peanut butter, nutella, granola bars, saltine crackers, Naked smoothies (my one splurge), and the odd apple/banana from the dining hall lying around.</p>

<p>In my opinion don't stock up, just buy when you're going to eat it. I made the mistake of buying a bunch of stuff that I never ended up eating.</p>

<p>try not to fill the fridge is all, nobody likes that.</p>

<p>1.i bought water bottles cuz im picky about tap water...
2. dont stock up =[ i still have snacks left over from 2009 summer..
3. fruit snacks are yummy and you can take them to class
4. i like to eat chips with hot sauce so i had that
5. tea-like the bags
6. this isnt food but buy all your cold/flu/stomach ache stuff beforehand</p>

<p>some microwavable foods.</p>

<p>microwave popcorn fo sho, don't even need a bowl/dishes</p>

<p>Peanutbutter, nutella and bread.</p>

<p>yogurt, they make quick breakfasts</p>

<p>Tuna fish with a can opener</p>

<p>I keep bagels, cheese, juice (I buy capri sun in bulk.. lol), pretzels, canned soup (can't stand ramen), and granola bars in my room as much as I can. Those are my staples.</p>

<p>My friends put risers on their beds, then put costco bottled water and other bulk items under their beds. Bars are good for quick grabs especially between classes or for sports. Make sure you clean out EVERYTHING before they rot, because I don't think you'll want to have to handle that...</p>

<p>Don't bring DURIAN to your dorm. They smell like gasoline, and last year one of the dorms at UW was evacuated because someone thought that one of the halls was leaking gasoline and would explode... then they found a rotting durian.</p>

<p>granola bars/fiber bars...gotta keep things healthy
and bottled water</p>

<p>really dont need all that much when u got a solid dining hall</p>

<p>this isnt food but definitely have vitamins cuz its so easy to get sick in college</p>

<p>So...I'm guessing no one uses a water filter? I didn't know how well those would work with dorms, especially since usually you just have that bathroom sink.</p>

<p>I use a brita pitcher, the water at my school is terrible.</p>

<p>i normally get:</p>

<p>frozen dinners
veggies and fruits of whatever i decide i want

<p>Find out whether or not the tap water in your school's area is any good. Chances are you won't need a filter, but you never know.</p>

<p>EDIT: On second thought, maybe it would be a better idea and wait until you get there and taste the water yourself. It sort of depends on what you're used to. In my case, tap water at home (St. Louis--it really is the best, lol) and tap water at school were both fine.</p>

<p>^^^ I'm bringing a Brita Water Filter/Pitcher to keep in the Fridge. Tap water is no good.</p>

Can soda
Frozen dinners
Box mac and cheese
Lunch meat
Granola/snack bars
Frozen waffles
Boxes of microwaveable rice packets</p>

<p>Note: I'm not in college yet but I'm living in a dorm right now for a summer program and this is the stuff I eat. I like eating a lot, btw, if you couldn't tell already :)</p>

<p>I'm planning on getting:</p>

<li>hot pockets</li>
<li>chocolate pudding</li>
<li>crackers & cheese</li>
<li>chef boyardee</li>
<li>cereal & milk</li>
<li>fruit cups/cans</li>
<li>fiber one bars </li>

<p>Oh, and I've already bought my Brita Pitcher! No way am I spending money on bottled water.</p>