King Edward Medical College

<p>So who is applying there its the top government medical school in Pakistan and its only 5 year is anyone trying???????????</p>

<p>possibly because i am forced to. I am running out of choices. So i will see u their man i guess.</p>

<p>The professors at K.E. practically have to teach yourself unless your dad has some military affiliation i.e. general, then most likely you can pass the exam through bribes. The whole medical system in p.k. is a piece of unethical s*** especially if you are a foreign student. I'd say 70 % of students in p.k. medical schools are there because A. they have been forced or B. they just want the title M.B.B.S. and can give a rats ass of saving someones life. If your focused on the extrinsic awards of becoming a'll be disappointed.</p>

<p>hey kunfuzed101 are ur currently a student at K.E? if yes u are can u send me ur aim or email so i can talk to u?</p>

<p>Went to K.E. last year 2006. (First year)...also have 2 cousins in their final year at K.E....why???? Left because of distaste for the Paki educational system! If you need additional info, send a private message to me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. If I were you...I'd go to Dow Medical in Sindh instead!</p>

<li><p>K.E. is located near the Anar Kali area of Lahore...the location is TERRIBLE. </p></li>
<li><p>The professor's hardly help you there.</p></li>
<li><p>The textbook quality is HORRIBLE.</p></li>

<p>If you went to a high school in the U.S., you will apply as a foreign student. Note, these foreign seats are extremely competitive, therefore if you by any chance made a B in Physic's, Math, Biology or Chemistry in high school, then you have a very limited chance of getting in. Although on the application form you do have a say in picking what medical school in PK you want to attend, in the end the economic affairs division will ultimately decide where you will go. K.E. is govt. run therefore it has a different application policy than Aga Khan. K.E. is 10,000 dollars per year and you have to pay this up financial aid for foreign students is available in Pakistan. A source tells me that Aga Khan is 25,000 dollars a year but you will need to verify this. If you do intend to apply, I believe admissions start in September or something. You will have to submit copies of your high school transcript where it should be sent to the IBCC (inter board committee of Pakistan) however you do have the option of applying through the Pakistani embassy or consulate here in the united states. Note once again all your grades will be deducted 20%! Therefore your A will become a B and so forth. The duration is five years, and each year you have to pass your finals to proceed to the next year. I left, because the system was unethical. Unless your parents had a military affiliation then your professor would pass you without you even taking the exam, other wise busting your ass will hopefully fair you well. Welcome to the world of CORRUPTION!!!!!! Also applying as a foreign student will not increase your chances. However if you do not get in to a Govt. medical school, Private medical school (certified by WHO) is always an option but very expensive!</p>

<p>could u tell us about some good private schools?</p>

<p>Go to <a href=""&gt;;/a> for a list of CERTIFIED PAKISTANI PRIVATE AND GOVERNMENT MEDICAL COLLEGES. Be aware that some colleges that are not certified by the Pakistani Medical and Dental Council are actively running in Pakistan....which is illegal!</p>

<p>thanks konfuzed... i visited KEMC and let me tell you that I hated the place. You will be surrounded by people who arent smart and i really cant imagine anyone from the us fitting in (because of the cultural gap).</p>

<p>Well, the best Pakistani Medical School is King Edward Medical University. You can visit the following links to get more info
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<p>King Edward is the best in Pakistan. if it isnt good then we hv got no choice. Can anybody tell me if KE has a uniform???</p>

<p>Hey Guys!
I was also planning on applying to King Edwards Medical College as a Foreign student. But I am not sure if I should do medical in Pakistan or just do it here in America which will take way longer! So you guys wanna help me out here? I would really appreciate it!</p>

<p>So Cooldude89 are you attending King Edwards now? If yes then how did you do it and what is it like?</p>

Hi, I’m currently a US high school student. I gotta say, your post scared me! I’m planning on pursuing a career in Dentistry and was wondering about the admission process for Foreign students to any college in Pakistan. Do you mind explaining it? My GPA is also a 2.8 currently, but I take a of of AP classes. What luck do I have?

Same, I am a U.S high student, I have a 4.0 GPA, and a pretty solid transcript. My dad said KEMU was a great school because he has a friend who was born in Saudi, studied at KEMU, and still got a great job in the U.S as a gen. Physician. What should I do?


Rule of Thumb–attend medical school in the country you want to practice medicine in.

It’s difficult for IMGs to find residency positions in the US. 30 years ago (heck, even 10 years ago) the situation was different. But US medical schools (both allopathic & osteopathic) have tremendously expanded their enrollments iand are continuing to expand their enrollments while the number US medical residency positions has not increased. It’s expected by 2020, all US residency positions will be filled by US medical grads.

Fewer than 40% of US citizen IMGs find US residency positions.

In 2014 (latest data available), only 76 US citizens who attended med school in Pakistan found residency positions; over 220 applied.

[Charting Outcomes in the Match: International Medical Graduates](

Ok so im in HS in the US too and I’m a junior so I still have time (not much) to get my GPA n Transcript perfect. Overall I’m a A,B student and I feel like I might have to do my medical degree from pk so if you guys do have any tips or news for foreign students that would be great

Does anybody have any tips as to what forums I should go on to get some ideas or tips about enrolling in Medical school in PK (I’m also in high school in the U.S. with a pretty good GPA) Also, does anybody have any ideas if college credit/dual credit that I got in high school will improve my chances? Like let’s say I’m doing my high school courses while completing courses at my local community college, will that carry any weight in the application process?

@sky20675-I don’t know too much other forums that have info on Pak med schools. SDN might be worth taking a look. With my limited knowledge I know that some med schools in India/Pak expect one to have taken the AP sciences (Bio, Chem, Physics). As far as taking classes at a CC that would only help if your school doesn’t already offer APs.

Also, I would contact the schools you’re interested in directly as each school might have vastly different policies.

Good luck.

@sky20675 I can give you all the advice you need if your goal is to be a physician in the USA: Don’t do it.