Kings Court/English House

<p>How is this dorm? I was placed here, but I really don't know much about it, and I'd like to get a little more info than the brochure gives.</p>


<p>it's nice and relatively quiet, but hallmates bond well (as they would anywhere else, but something about the design helps here)</p>

<p>are you in kc or eh? layout and physical building vary between the two, though experience is mostly the same (except having to go through the courtyard to get to kc)</p>

<p>ya..i too am in the english house and would love to hear more about the set up there.</p>

<p>bump. . .does anybody else have anything to add? I've heard that kceh rooms have there own bathrooms (which i don't really believe) and that virtually all rooms have sinks (which I want to believe and think is more possible?)</p>

<p>no, they don't have their own bathrooms - but i believe all english house rooms have sinks in them (was never in a room without one) - not sure about kings court rooms</p>

<p>as far as building layout, the main door enters into the english house building, right next to the english house dining hall, with stairs / elevator access to the english house rooms</p>

<p>you have to take a short walk through an enclosed courtyard to reach the kings court side</p>

<p>Best dining hall on campus (in my opinion).</p>

<p>Also, the rooms that I saw were pretty nice. I had a bunch of friends who lived there and it has a cozy feel. I've always thought Kings Court got less credit than it deserved. You should have a lot of fun! </p>

<p>Be happy you're not in Hill!</p>

<p>I'm in English.</p>

<p>Is Hill bad? I have a friend who's going to be there.</p>

<p>When I say Kings Court I'm actually refering to the English part (though the rooms I saw in Kings Court "Regular" are pretty good too).</p>

<p>Hill is good for some people, terrible for others. Very small rooms. Great community within the house, though that's because people get out of their closet-sized rooms as much as possible.</p>

<p>I was a freshman in Kings of my favorite things about it was that all the Huntsman Program students were in it. They are an extraordinary bunch of people and I really enjoyed getting to know them.</p>

<p>I'm going to be living in English House in the fall! Some people told me it has great location, but I saw the map and it seems to be the farthest to the campus. Now that I know I have a dining hall close by, should I still get the Liberty Plan or up my visits? And does anybody know if odd numbered rooms face the courtyard or the other side? </p>

<p>Oh, you can go on street view on Google maps and kind of see the buildings and the area around the dorm!</p>

<p>"Farthest [from] the campus" just means a two blocks from locust, which is nothing, so don't really worry about that.</p>

<p>Maybe start with the next highest meal plan if that makes you comfortable. Just watch what you are doing the first couple of weeks then change your plan if necessary.</p>