Kinsolving or Jester?

<p>Hello, :)
I was given the Kinsolving dormitory in campus. I am a Bio/Pre-med major with FRI/FIG program, so my classes will be just as close whether I live in Jester or Kinsolving... or so I believe. I didn't notice that Kinsolving is not such of a good choice because of shared closet and other things I do not like :/ Thus, I was wondering if anybody else knew what are the chances that I might get a relatively "good" dorm in Jester that is not situated in the last floor! :P Or what are other good dorms they can reassign me to? So I can put them as my choices :) </p>

<p>I have only been to campus once for orientation so I have no idea what the dorms look like other than the virtual tour in the UT website.</p>

<p>Thanks :D</p>

<p>Unfortunately, I don't think you'll have much luck getting into Jester. There's students who are currently assigned to supplemental housing (aka, the study lounges) - so that means Jester is totally full at the moment.</p>

<p>I think Kinsolving is actually supposed to be one of the better dorms on campus, though. My cousin switched from Jester to Kinsolving second semester, and she seemed to like it a lot better. :) I can totally understand the closet space complaint, but there's definitely worse places you could be. (Though, Jester is probably better in terms of location.)</p>

<p>If you're really desperate to get out of Kinsolving, I've heard that Roberts is fairly nice.</p>

<p>The only benefit of Kinsolving is that you have a dining hall in your building that serves brunch on Sat/Sun, and dinner on Sat. Jester does not do that. Now there are usually very few people that eat on campus for Saturday dinner, so the food isn't the best that day, but it's better than nothing.</p>

<p>Kinsolving > Jester trust me.</p>


<p>Natural science buildings (primarily Welch and W.C.Hogg) are closer to Jester. Kinsolving has pretty much the same amenities to Jester and more than 700 girls in Kins share closet space every year so it's definitely do-able. There are also drawers under the pullout beds in Kins for more storage.</p>

<p>Even though there's the shared closet space, believe me, Kinsolving is infinitely better than anything you'll be able to switch into for Jester....that is unless you're handicapped and get the sweet corner dorm with private bath.</p>

<p>:) thanks for the response, it helps me maintain a positive attitude for the dorm ;P</p>

<p>and well I was wondering if I apply for reassignment for Kinsolving... so I can see if I get connecting or private bath? What are the chances? :o</p>

<p>Very low. And honestly, once you start using a community bath, you might like it more.</p>

<p>Some of the pro's in my opinion:
1. The school provides hand soap, toilet paper, etc. You don't have to buy it.</p>

<li><p>The school cleans the bathroom. In my dorm it was twice a day. Once in the morning for a full clean, and then they wiped down some things later in the day for a second cleaning. It was always SO CLEAN. It was great.</p></li>
<li><p>You and your roommate can shower at the same time. If you have a connecting or private bath, you will have to deal with 1 or 2 other people wanting to use the bathroom at the same time. This can be an issue if you both have a first class at the same time. </p></li>
<li><p>It's much more social to meet people when you have a community bathroom. I know that sounds strange, but people are always going up/down the halls, washing their hands, etc. It's a good way to talk to people. I became great friends with my neighbors, although I won't entirely attribute it to having a community bathroom lol.</p></li>
<li><p>This may just be me, but I HATE walking out of a shower into a steamy room. At home I have a huge vent fan in the ceiling that makes the room completely normal and not humid at all. With a private bathroom the vent could work poorly and the room would get all humid, the mirror would fog up, etc. In a community bathroom there is air conditioning to keep it cool and not too humid, and then you can always return to your room where it's not humid either. If I get out of the shower and it's humid, I start sweating, and then it's like the shower was useless.</p></li>
<li><p>If you have class at noon, and your roommate has a 9am class, they can wake up, be quiet in the room, and then go take a shower/get ready/brush teeth/shave (for guys)/etc without having to make noise in the room you are sleeping in. Then they can come back in the room, put their stuff down, grab their books and go. No noise/hassle in the morning if you have conflicting schedules.</p></li>
<li><p>Water fountains in the hallway. San Jac/Duren don't have those, they expect you to use sink water, which is never as cold or tasty for some reason (unfiltered?). The water fountain water in my dorm was really high quality.</p></li>

<p>Those are just the things I noticed about having a community bathroom that I really liked.</p>

<p>will i get into kinsolving???? its my first choice but i applied in april...</p>

<p>i really want kinsolving</p>

<p>^I don't think we can answer that.</p>

<p>You applied in April? I would say your chances are very low. Sorry. But considering the housing apps are out in .....September or October, you are low on the list in terms of priority. :/</p>

<p>ok so if theres no room in kinsolving and no room in jester then WHERE will i be put?</p>

<p>wherever the university can.
a spot opens up in any of the dorms or you get supplemental housing which has good and bad things attributed to it --- like everything else.</p>

<p>keep calling them though. bug the dhfs enough times and they might tell you on the spot.</p>

<p>yeah ive called twice so far and both times they just told me to wait a while longer</p>

<p>if they assign me supplemental housing will i be able to get out of that somehow?</p>

<p>There's the possibility you could move out straightaway, maybe at the beginning of spring semester or never.</p>