Kiplinger's Best Value List

<p>Grinnell was recently ranked #17, and the top Midwestern liberal arts college, on Kiplinger's "Best Values in Private Colleges" list. That is not surprising, given that Grinnell costs $4300 less than Carleton, $1800 less than Macalester and gives merit aid to many more students than either of these peer institutions. </p>

<p>Add to that a very large endowment that allows Grinnell to offer many of its students paid internships and paid research projects and you do, indeed, have a college that is an excellent value. </p>

<p>Cost is certainly not the only factor to consider when choosing your college, but Grinnell is an excellent value, especially for those who don't qualify for need-based aid.</p>

<p>I can certainly attest to the extreme value. I figure our son saved us about $80,000 by choosing Grinnell over Carleton and the facilities are better at Grinnell too. Not why DS chose Grinnell (he just liked it the best), but it was sure a nice bonus for his parents! Not to mention the numerous free campus activities that also keep cost of living lower.</p>