Know anything about the engineering overnight for URMs?

<p>S was invited to apply to be flown in for this. Apparently 40 students nationwide are chosen. Does anyone have any info about the selection process or the weekend?</p>

<p>Well if they're willing to fly him in I'd guess they probably want him. Does he have stats to match recruitment on that level? Specifically what are his SAT I and II scores and any special research or distinguishing qualities (if you're willing to make that info public; or you could PM me them)? or something else special. And won't you want him at Harvard? ;)</p>

<p>I don't know about the program itself, however.</p>

<p>S does not plan to apply to Harvard even though they called him to solicit him to apply. His SAT I is 99th percentile for v, m. He hasn't yet taken the SAT IIs.</p>

<p>His grades, however, are not equivalent to his intellect. He has excellent ECs demonstrating leadership with impact and he has had a rigorous curriculum. He'd have a shot at Harvard, but even with legacy, it would be a longshot. Fortunately for him, he would prefer a place that's more laid back anyway. He's not an intense Type A as are most Harvard folks including me.</p>

<p>Other than wanting S to go to a school where he's happy, appreciated, and can develop his talents and interests, I don't favor any particular colleges for him.</p>

<p>sorry, that harvard blip was half kidding, just a reference to your extensive knowledge displayed on the H board.</p>

<p>I had the non-equivilant grade/intellect thing down pat in HS. :) As long as he has a respectable GPA, (2.something probably wouldn't fly so well), I think his test scores will win out over that weakness in the app, especially considering the apparent aggressive recruiting.</p>

<p>His IIC score will be important I think.</p>

<p>As you may know, theres no better place in the Ivy League for engineering than Cornell. It's an intense program and as one guy put it, he feels they're looking for [paraphrase] "smart kids who can work hard and [direct quote] aren't going to wimp out after 3 semesters and transfer to the hotel school." "Perro###" is a good contributor on our board and he is in the engineering college. perhaps you could PM him with some cornell engineering specific questions, and he may know about the program.</p>

<p>If your son is interested in engineering, then he should definitely go to the weekend. Cornell is excellent in engineering, and unlike some other great engineering schools, Cornell offers a well-rounded college environment. My son is starting as a freshman, so I'll know more soon enough.</p>

<p>Odyssey, Sparticus,
Thanks for the helpful responses. :)</p>