Knowing chemistry 102 is a weed out course.

<p>If given a choose, which teacher is the preferred of A. List, D Wright or P. Polavarapu?</p>

<p>I had List and got an A. I've never heard of Wright and I don't know anyone that had Polavarapu. Definitely take Rosenthal for Chem 102B though.</p>

<p>I had Polavarapu first semester of 102 and got an A-. Some people say he is hard to understand, but I didn't think so. Plus, his lecture notes are all online, which is very helpful in preparing for exams. I've never heard of Wright either.</p>

<p>Thanks just what I wanted to know.</p>

<p>wright's an ass</p>

<p>List is good if you need to go to lecture to learn. Polavarapu is good if you can learn on your own well.</p>

<p>Hey I know this is somewhat out of place, but I dont feel like starting a whole new thread. Basically I want to know how hard chemistry 100 lab is, because I took AP Chem and struggled through it and got a 5, but we never did lab in my AP Chem class. Also, does Chem 100 cover acids and bases, buffers, titration, etc? or is that General Chem Lecture aka 101A?</p>

<p>Alex, I also took AP Chem in high school and ended up in Chem 101 (for non-science kids). Since you have a 5 on the AP (i did not come close to that haha), I'm not sure how the school will handle it but from what I know you will need to take both the lab and the lecture together in order to take the lab. They coincide with each other material-wise, and really the class is quite easy. I struggled to make a high B in high school in AP chem, but managed a straight A in both lab and lecture for Chem 101. Just keep up with notes and you'll be fine.</p>

<p>Thanks a lot VandyManiac. Just one last question on this topic (I think at least lol), do I have to take a full year of Chemistry or just a semester to fulfill the AXLE lab science requirement?</p>

<p>Just a semester (70% sure on that lol). they change all the requirements for freshman all the time. 2 years ago it was def. just a semester, im not sure if its changed again since then. you do have to take another science, though, but it doesnt have to be a lab science. u can take geology, bio, astronomy, etc.</p>

<p>wuts the text book thats used???</p>