Knox College Class of 2025 ED/EA

Hi guys! I just created a thread for Knox College Class of 2025 ED/EA since I just got accepted with a very good aid!

Fyi: I got accepted EA and got my decision just 2 weeks after applying.


  • International student from Viet Nam in AL.
  • (Upper)-middle class family (in Vietnam)
  • Went to the most prestigious gifted high school in my city back in VN for 10th grade. 11th & 12th grade at a small private school in AL.
  • Applied EA
  • Intended major: Data Science


  • SAT: 1510 (800M, 710 R&W)
  • GPA:
    9th grade: 8.8/10 (vietnamese scale)
    10th grade: 9.2/10 (vietnamese scale)
    11th grade: 4.33 Weighted
  • 4 AP classes

Honors/Awards: Honor Roll, Academic Excellence in Literature, 2nd prize in English contest (school-level), 1st prize in chess competition (school-level), Silver Medal in a national math in english contest in VN.


  • Model UN (core team member, ER Dept. member, mentor)
  • English Club (VP-Head of Media)
  • Studying abroad club
  • Interpreter
  • Charity Club
  • Lots of volunteer
  • Writing Center’s tutor

I got a good financial aid package- Knox met a 100% of my demonstrated need. I also got the Trustee Distinguished Scholarship of $25k/year and the Knox Founder’s Scholarship of $6k/year !!!

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