Knox EA and ED 2019

The decision notification is just around the corner so I wanted to start thread. Applicants are welcome to post their decision and stats here.

Has anyone received anything yet?

S has heard nothing yet, but he did a holiday card from admissions yesterday. Very thoughtful, Knox, but maybe not the best time of year to be sending things out in small white envelopes! We have informed delivery and saw that it was coming; he spent all day fretting that it was a rejection letter.

Accepted. With a good fin aid package. Alhumdulilah

S is in with decent merit but well below the magic number that meets our budget. We are full pay but still definitely need significant merit to make a small LAC work. S loved Knox but has received much better offers. Alas!

S accepted with nice merit. He took a test for their math scholarship when we visited last month, too, but he won’t hear about that until march, I believe. And still waiting to hear about any need based aid.