Knox music program

Does anyone have first-hand knowledge of the Knox music program? It recently came to my attention that the drummer for the UNT one o’clock jazz band graduated from Knox. My S22 percussionist is intrigued!

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It looks like Knox does not have a BM program. The website says “major or minor” and also says you don’t have to major in music to access resources of the dept.

It looks like the program is strongest in jazz. Is that what your son wants to pursue?

For percussion there seem to be some programs that aren’t as well-known but are excellent (Stony Brook, U. of Alaska Fairbanks are two that are really good for contemporary percussion for instance).

Has you son done a virtual visit?

He might want to read the Double Degree Dilemma essay under the “Read me” thread near the top of this music forum. It really describes the different ways to study music. If he wants immersion in music, he might prefer a BM.

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He 100% wants immersion in music. Had not noticed that Knox only offers a BA. It is interesting to see, though, that success can come from a variety of places and doesn’t have to be from the expected standards.

S22 has really picking up steam on jazz this year, he had been focused on orchestral and marching snare up until now. Not sure what he wants to study, but 100% wants the option of jazz. He won’t be as strong as those who have been doing it for years, but I think he has loads of potential and should be good enough to audition well next year. Plans to look at Lawrence for a SLAC which seems more in line with his wants. (Dealing with a low gpa, unfortunately.) Thanks for the other suggestions!

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PM’ed you

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My percussionist spoke at length with one of the jazz faculty at Knox, and was really impressed both by the community within the department and the opportunities. He was not looking to major in music, but wanted the opportunity to continue to study and perform. He did not go to Knox, but we were very impressed by the entire campus community. He had said that the Knox Poli Sci class he attended was the most engaged and intellectually stimulating class he visited, after visiting class at about 15 LACs spread from top 20 through 70.


Wow, that’s really impressive feedback! My hope is my kiddo will become more academic with engaging professors like the one your child experienced.

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