Knox students/alums: What other schools did you apply to?

<p>Hey everyone. I'm a senior at a high school in Minnesota and am looking to attend a small liberal arts college. I'm very interested in double majoring in biology and secondary education, but there's a chance that could change (adults always tell me that happens :) ). My question for you is- when looking at colleges, what other schools were you interested in, and why did you eventually choose Knox? Thanks so much.</p>

<p>hey i'm also a senior in hs (i live in NY) and in addition to applying to knox i'm applying to:</p>

<p>Beloit College
Kalamazoo College
College of Wooster
Skidmore College
University of Vermont
Kenyon College</p>

<p>hope you don't mind if I answer for my d. She applied at Beloit, Marquette and Knox. Knox won out because she loved the atmosphere of the school. She liked how friendly everyone was and it just fit her image of a college. She is now a senior and she says she can't see herself anywhere else. Knox has been a great place for her.</p>