Knox vs. Hendrix?

<p>if you're attending Hendrix, would you choose it again? How would you compare it to Knox College (IL)?</p>

<p>I’m a Knox alum whose two daughters both picked Hendrix as their second choice (one went to Austin College, the other to Rhodes). I would have been happy to see either one of my kids choose Hendrix. There’s a lot to like about both schools. Here are some random thoughts from my experiences.</p>

<p>Knox and Hendrix have different academic strengths. Based on my experiences with each school, I’d recommend a considering Knox if you’re looking at Creative Writing, Theater, Psychology, Environmental Science, or American History. Not so much for Physics or Chemistry. Hendrix also has a nice Theater program and is good in sciences and pre-law.</p>

<p>The dorms are older at Knox, but the open suite layout makes them excellent for socializing not just with your own suitemates, but with people in other dorms as well. In addition to the suites, Knox has a First-Year Preceptorial course that is required of all new students, and a start-of-the-year tradition called the Pumphandle where everyone on campus shakes hands with everyone else from the President on down. People who find it hard to make friends will have an easier time of it at Knox.</p>

<p>The Hendrix campus is larger and newer with better facilities overall, and their student athletic center is really nice. Knox plays football in the Knox Bowl, which is basically a big, grassy, flat-bottomed hole in the ground. Students sit on the grassy sides of the bowl to watch games and go sledding there on cafeteria trays when there’s snow. Hendrix is just starting up its football program again, and will field a team this fall for the first time in over 50 years. Part of the reason for adding a football team is to attract more male applicants – Hendrix is 57% female.</p>

<p>Hendrix doesn’t have fraternities or sororities; Knox has fraternities who have residential frat houses and sororities whose members live scattered among the campus dorms.</p>

<p>Thank you very much! That’s really useful.
Is one of the two more “liberal” or “preppy”?</p>

<p>Both schools are pretty liberal, and neither one comes close to being preppy. If I had to rank them I’d say Hendrix is both more liberal and less preppy, but the two schools fall pretty close together on that spectrum.</p>

<p>Thank you very much. :)</p>