Kobe's 81

<p>I'm not a Laker fan, but I give him a lot of credit for the performance. I'm waiting for him to break 100!</p>

<p>100 wont be happening anytime soon. I dont think anyone can beat the Wilt 100 points/ game. But i was peechless when i saw him make 81. He just got lucky so much times with the three that it seemed unrealistic at one point.</p>

<p>ballhog. I mean, what can you say, he's got the green light...</p>

<p>....but on the other hand... when you take that many shots a game, you're bound to start making some of them.....</p>

<p>call me a hater if you want</p>

<p>ugh the pistons are so much better then Kobe. :p</p>

<p>I seriously doubt anybody's going to break 100. When Wilt did it, he was averaging 50 points a game that season; it was just a totally different game back then.</p>

<p>Kobe's 81 is beyond phenomenal, but hey, it's against the Craptors... =)</p>

<p>XCchick, I totally agree with you.</p>


....but on the other hand... when you take that many shots a game, you're bound to start making some of them.....


<p>Well, that's a bad statement. He made 61% of his shots. That's unheard of for a guard. He averages ~44%. You guys just don't know talent when you see it. You don't like that he is so good. MVP!</p>


<p>the pistons is a team. kobe is a player.</p>

<p>also, grammar error in your post: then->than</p>

<p>grammar error in your post - The Pistons ARE a team.</p>

<p>Kobe probably can do it, seeing he's one of the most talented bball players today. Yes, even over Shaq :D</p>

<p>LoL>_< I love KOBE/</p>

<p>he sorta has to be a ballhog, you think any of the other laker players are gonna get them into the playoffs?</p>

<p>Kobe did extremely well, the Lakers were runing their offense through him. His teammates were willing to give him the ball every time down the floor if he was on fire like he was last night. Why are you calling him a ball-hog is he shoots 23 for 46. Wilt Chamberlain scored at about the same rate and took 78 shoots when he scored 100.</p>

<p>theinfo center is right on. back in the days with wilt, it was not unheard for games to be in the high 100s.... here anything over a 100 is high.. theirs better defense and everythings mroe competitive</p>

<p>MJ is still better than both kobe and wilt, without a doubt and will always be...</p>

<p>"he sorta has to be a ballhog, you think any of the other laker players are gonna get them into the playoffs?"</p>

<p>well lets see if they get a ring this year..</p>

<p>my boys at detroit are going to win... they are so damn good yet dont have one GREAT player like kobe, but rather a few good team players and ben wallace who is by far the toughest most intimidating guy in the nba</p>

<p>"He couldn't be stopped tonight," Raptors guard Mike James said. "He basically beat us by himself."</p>


<p>The good player gives balls to other teammates (MJ, Shaq, etc). but the SUPERSTAR shoots :D Kobe isn't a good of a player as MJ or Shaq, but he is one HECK OF A SUPERSTAR. I think he's one of the most talented players in the NBA (if not the most talented) and he WILL break 100 (if Jackson and his team let him). Then it will be Lebron. </p>

<p>Granted, his shooting probably isn't good for the team but c'mon, look at the team this year. No Shaq. Kobe really has no one to throw it to. They didn't even MAKE the playoffs last year. Kobe is pretty much the only thing that keeps this team going and he alone will get them into the playoffs. And that 81 was freakin' entertaining as hell. </p>

<p>They may not win a ring this year, but without Kobe, they won't even TOUCH NEAR the playoffs. Hell, Kobe will still make dough and his name will remain even if he doesn't even touch the ring. He already has like, three. He doesn't need anymore :D</p>

<p>But then again, Miami was able to climb really quickly to the top with some good players and Shaq, so who knows? <em>shrugs</em></p>

<p>THis year I have my money on San Antonio (as usual) and Detroit :)</p>

<p>they wont get a ring this year, he's an amazing player, but they wont simply because there is no support beyond him. That's why he shoots it all himself, and that's why they wont be able to win a title.</p>

here anything over a 100 is high


<p>No it isn't. For good-shooting teams, 100 can be low. Phoenix averaged 110 last year.</p>

<p>I'm impressed with Kobe - it's a remarkable score, and 46 attempts isn't all that many. But while his scoring is awesome, I don't see the team going too far in the playoffs (if at all).</p>

<p>To have someone actually score 81 points equates in how often they're actually being forced to give that person the ball. It can't work out, no matter how good they are.</p>