KODI scholarships

Did anyone get an email about these?

Nope. Still waiting… Hopefully we’ll get a response by the end of the month

Reason i’m asking is because apparently someone got an email about interviews and second round essays

Well that sucks then lol. I really thought I had a good shot at getting one of the scholarships

P sure the all went out. I got one

Has anyone actually gotten the scholarship, I was told the decisions will be given first 10 days of march, and its past that and I haven’t heard anything

I know a kid who got the call yesterday for Fry. I ended up getting the Kelley Scholars award

I got a call a few weeks ago but it was for an interview and they said they’ll reach out to me the week after but never did

I got a call last week on Tuesday saying that I got the Fry scholarship

was that after the interview?, I was told i was being considered for the deans council schorlarship but no one has reached out to me yet, I dont know if they send out rejections.

when did they reach out to you?

Yeah, it was after the phone interview. I did mine the first week that they were holding interviews.

Hey! I also got Fry and would love to talk. DM me on IG @chrisnosavage