Korean SAT II Subject Test

I have completed A1, A2, and B1 of Korean, and am currently studying B2. I’m planning to sit for the subject test this May. Should I complete C1 and C2 as well before sitting for the test? Or is B2 enough prep for sitting for the test?

Moot point. Subject Tests are no more.

The subject tests are required to apply to National University of Singapore

What can I tell you. The CB is no longer offering, so universities will need to adjust.

Outside of the US, subject tests will continue to be offered until this summer. So, register asap if you need to take them, @hazelsky (if you’re outside the US).

Subject Tests will be offered in May and June for students outside of the US. After that, they will be discontinued. So your only option is to take it this year, if you’re outside the US.

If you are applying this fall, it may make sense to take it as they may assume you had the opportunity. For future years, I would think they’ll have to drop the requirement as the test is no longer offered.

(University of Singapore really requires a Korean Subject Test for every applicant? That is very surprising, as Korean is not an official language nor among the five most common languages spoken in Singapore, covering 98% of the population).