Kotzen Class of 2022?

Hello, quick inquiry to see if anyone has formally received an invitation to interview for the Kotzen Scholarship? My daughter has received an invitation to the Simmons Scholar invite event, but no information about whether that also means she is also being considered for the Kotzen. Has anyone heard anything?

My daughter just received an email today that she’s a Kotzen finalist:)

Thanks! Anyone else?

I got an email saying I was a finalist today too! I visited over summer and met my admissions officer and she has really helped me learn about Simmons. I asked earlier this week when we would be notified, and she also told me that there are 25 finalists this year if anyone is wondering.

Very helpful!

I haven’t received any notification yet but I did apply for it. However, my counselor said I would be notified even if I didn’t make the cut, so I’m hoping they e-mail me soon. Congrats to you guys for being finalists!

Hi, My daughter has not heard anything. May I ask, are you from outside of Massachusetts, and did you apply early decision? Maybe that is why you have heard early? Thank you.

I appreciate this post. My daughter also applied for the Kotzen but has not yet been extended an invitation yet. She also has received an invitation to the Simmons Scholar program, but we aren’t sure if we will visit without her also being in the running for the Kotzen. For those of you who have already visited Simmons, what have you found most attractive about it and which degree is your daughter interested in pursuing?

My daughter was told that decisions on Kotzen finalists would be mailed out yesterday. We did not hear anything. Is there anyone else still waiting to hear? I understand we will be notified either way.

My daughter received an email today that she was not selected as a finalist. We will be going to the Accepted Students/Scholarship event in February.

My daughter was not selected as a finalist as well. Congrats to everyone.

Good luck to the finalists!

Has anyone who had an interview heard back from the college on whether or not they got the scholarship? On the website it says recipients will be notified by March 1st so I’m a little anxious.

I was notified that I got the Kotzen!!!

@petrichor2000 was it by mail or email?


I was notified I got the Kotzen today! It wasn’t by email though. I got shipped a backpack with a folder inside with the info. The letter was dated March 2 and I live in upstate NY, so don’t give up hope yet!

Are you going to go to Simmons for sure?

Well not for sure, but its definitely the best deal I have. And I’m not too picky. I think I’d be as happy going to Simmons as I would be if I went to the school that was originally my top choice school. What about you?

I’m in the same position. I’ve always wanted to go to an Ivy league or Stanford, but it’s hard to turn down a full-ride. Also Simmons is a great school with a comforting atmosphere so I ultimately wouldn’t mind going :slight_smile: