Kotzen Finalist Interviews?

Hi! I just found out I was accepted into Simmons and I am a Kotzen finalist!! I’m so excited, but I was wondering if any previous finalists/winners could give me any tips about the interview? I know that for all interviews that it’s best to be yourself, but I also I want to be prepared.

Congrats!! I’m an incoming freshman, so I don’t have experience about how they do Kotzen interviews. How did you find out, if you don’t mind sharing?

I actually got called by the admissions office, they told me that I was in, that I got merit, and that I’m a finalist - I haven’t even gotten my packet in the mail yet! I’m not 100% why they called me instead of just emailing or something and I’m not sure if they call all the finalists, but I just found out on Friday!

Are you from outside the New England area?

Yes, I am from Indiana!

When will the interviews be held?

I haven’t received the exact date yet but I know they’re sometime in February.


I received the kotzen scholarship last year. i’m from texas and the school paid for my flights and $200 for my mom’s flights to boston for the interview. they call finalists who applied regular decision because the interviews are before the notification date for admittance. your packet will have information on that. the interviewers will be the admissions rep for your area, a simmons professor, and a current kotzen scholar. they’ll ask about your essays you wrote for the scholarship, how you would involve yourself in the simmons community, what you would bring to the school, essentially how you would take the scholarship to create your own success and therefor reflect well on simmons as an alum. ftr i can’t say much about the school bc i turned down kotzen to attend another school, but i hope this helps ease any worries about the interview!!

Great - thank you so much!!!

How long are the interviews?

What time is your interview on Friday?

Mine is at 3!

Do you know how likely our chances are to actually get the scholarship at this point? Like how many finalists compared to how many get the scholarship? I can’t find information anywhere on it

I don’t know but I wish I did!!!

How was your interview?

Yay! Do you know if you got it? I did and am excited to meet the other girls!

I did get it!! I’m not 100% sure I am going to Simmons yet but it is definitely one of my top choices!!!

Congrats to you two! I got the Kotzen scholarship too! Faithyd are you from Tennessee, because I think I talked to you at the Kotzen luncheon and before we went on the trolley to Fenway Park on Feb. 10th? If you two have decided to go to Simmons which orientation are you attending? I am so excited to attend Simmons!

wow this reply is super late omg but yeah I decided on Simmons!! the Kotzen + Boston were too good to pass up! I am going to the first orientation (I think it’s the 22-23?)