KU or Mizzou? Parents and recent alums

Our son is looking at both (and others). He has the numbers to get in (automatic admit at Mizzou). Other than waiting for the financial aid packages to come back - what are pro/cons of each? We’re from the Chicago area so travel would be farther to KU, but it looks like it will also cost us less. He’s going to be a physics/astronomy major, with some business courses, which seem basically the same at both. All insights welcome. (also posted on Mizzou page)

Our first born went to Mizzou and graduated in 2014. Second child is currently at KU. OOS for both kids. I would have to say pros for MIzzou are great college town, easy to walk to shops/restaurants from campus. Excellent business school academic advisors (very responsive and helpful). Big school feel with great sports football and basketball. High level of school spirit. Beautiful campus. 2 hour drive to St Louis Airport. Good airport transport service (MO Express) The most impressive workout facility with multiple pools (also indoor pool) that we have ever seen. Dining hall food pretty good.

KU, also beautiful campus, closer to a major airport (Kansas city is 45 min drive). Less shopping opportunities throughout town. Town seems smaller than Columbia. Great school spirit. Great basketball team, not so good football team. Business school advising needs work to improve service level. Lawrence has city bus system that is free to students that can get the student to shopping and downtown area. Airport transportation service is reliable (private shuttle) but more expensive than MO express was from Columbia to STL. The most impressive new business school building-with more new building on going. Dining hall food not as good as Mizzou.

Hope this helps. Good Luck!