KXSC - USC Student Radio

<p>Revealing myself a bit here...</p>

<p>I was a large part of USC's student-run radio station KXSC (formerly KSCR) while an UG at USC and I really recommend that if you're interested in music, sports news or even the business side of radio (PR, concert booking, finance, etc) that you consider joining KXSC. Not everyone has to have a radio show; there are a lot of staff members and interns that help out booking events, finding sponsors for radio spots, sending press releases to major publications, doing tech maintenance on our gear, building the website and pretty much whatever you guys would want to do to help!</p>

<p>All new students to KXSC start out as interns and must perform 10 hours of work with the station. (Manning the table on Trousdale, writing album reviews for the blog, flyering around campus...) After that, you can either enter DJ training where you are hooked up with a veteran Dj who trains you or ask to be an assistant for a staff member. Being a DJ is really fun, though and I suggest that you try it out. You can have an hour or 2 hour show. After a semester of apprenticeship, you're free to do whatever you want!</p>

<p>If you're not into student radio, still keep an eye on KXSC; they book a LOT of free shows on campus and they have KXSC Fest on campus every spring. They always try to bring in really awesome bands.</p>

<p>Like them on Facebook/Twitter and you'll find out when the shows are happening:</p>

<p>KXSC</a> Radio | Facebook
KXSC</a> Los Angeles (@KXSC) on Twitter</p>

<p>I made some of my best friends in college at the station! It's an awesome student organization. (You might be even able to go to SXSW or CMJ if you make staff!)</p>

<p>Here's where you can apply to begin the intern process:
KXSC</a> Los Angeles - Intern Application</p>