L&S C70V and Physics C10?

<p>So they're both the same class, and I want to switch my discussion section. But when it's under Physics C10 the discussion is full, but under L&S C70V it's not full (on Bearfacts). I signed up for Physics C10. I really want to switch the section too because I realized I don't want to have the time I have right now lol.</p>

<p>Register for the L&S class and discussion, then drop the physics class. That is assuming that there is space in the lecture for the L&S version.</p>

<p>When you verified space it the discussion, always click the link on the schedule results page for current enrollment information and course restrictions. The schedule result page shows you the status of the section as of the end of the prior day, while the link gives you the real-time current status. A section can seem open when you read the results of a schedule search but actually be full, and vice versa, due to that stale data. </p>

<p>I see that right now, discussion sections 102, 105, 106, 109, 110, 111 and 112 still have space using the real time link. The lecture also has open slots.</p>

<p>Log onto telebears as soon as you are permitted (open hours), verifying that there are still openings with the real time link just before you do this, then drop the physics class and enroll in the L&S synonym.</p>