L&S Graduation Requirement [Econ Major]

<p>I'm a transfer student. I have a question regarding the L&S graduation requirement. According to the information I got, I have to complete at least 64 units for upper division courses, right? The upper courses for Econ major are required like 44 units then I'll have the remaining 20 units to go.</p>

<p>My question is; Can I take the rest 20 units of upper division courses from any departments in any colleges like engineering, or agriculture? OR I have to take only the classes in L&S department? I'm asking this because I'm considering taking classes under ARE.</p>

<p>You're probably aware of this, but the college of L&S has a "mini minor" requirement, which requires you to either take a series of art-related classes OR three upper division classes in something other than your major. So you will probably want to take 3 of those 5 courses (20 units) in the same discipline to fulfill that requirement. I believe those can be from any major on campus. </p>

<p>You can take any upper division course at the university, if:
1) you have upper division standing
2) you meet any special requirements (some classes require prerequisite courses)</p>

<p>Members of the major get to sign up first during registration, so you get whatever seats are not taken when registration is opened up for everyone. </p>

<p>Requirements can be waived with the instructor's permission.</p>

<p>(If I'm wrong about any of that, feel free to correct me - that's just my understanding of it)</p>