la di da ::freaking out:: la di da

<p>What are my chances at duke regular?
-top 10 % (33 of 586)
-taken most rigorous courses possible
-AP tests low (2 w.history (maybe 'cause i didnt try??), 3 chemistry, 4 eng comp)
-1290 SATs (retaking in november, and hopefully get much....much higher scores)
-28 ACTs (might retake)
-SATIIs (620 math I ( i dont know WHAT happened), 680 writing, 800 spanish)
-hispanic/black, low income family (parent never went to college)
-ec: PALS (3 yrs, one of firsts to start club), NHS, president-french club, (first one at school), Varsity Golf (2 yrs), loads of volunteering hours, historian ecology club (2 yrs)...and lots of hours</p>

<p>ladida, thanks a bunch</p>

<p>Don't take this personally, because you're going to a great school. </p>

<p>Duke will not be it (unless you pull a 1510 or something next time you take the SAT). Duke is insanely hard to get into, basically an Ivy Leaguer in the South.</p>

<p>Affirmative action might help a little, but I'd still say a very, very low chance. Just dont get ur heart set on one place, because youll have fun at any college. Duke is just ridiculously hard to get into.</p>

<p>thanks for the reply guys....i really want to get into duke, but know my chances are really low...also looking at u of conn, boston u, and UT (since im from texas)</p>

<p>I'd need much more information before I could comment - what is your GPA, how many years of math, science, language have you taken, what type of Extra curriculars have you done, etc., etc. Based on the info. you gave, I'd say you have a decent shot at BU, UT and U of Conn. but Duke is an ultra reach. You might try to get hold of a book called The Gatekeepers that discusses Duke admissions. You should have your choice of some good schools. Good luck.</p>

<p>gpa is 4.3 uw
ive taken 4 years of math, science, and language...all honors and APs when i could (ap french 4, ap calc bc, ap chem)</p>

<p>Carolyn, you're reading too many college admissions books LOL--- Gatekeepers was about Wesleyan. I think Admissions Confidential is the book about Duke.</p>