La Salle Class of 2014 !

<p>Who else is excited about attending La Salle this fall?</p>

<p>Think about your decision. It is located in a rough area and some of students there are really into partying. Check out other schools. Please</p>

<p>Alot of kids get jumped. Once you are off campus it is very dangerous</p>

<p>Yes, La Salle is a city school, and like any big city school, there are dangerous areas. La Salle students are as safe as any students at any of the dozens of colleges and universities in Philadelphia. Doubting that yabadabado ever went to La Salle, I wouldn't take his word for it. It is a great school, and you and the rest of the record size incoming class of 2014 should be very excited to be going to La Salle.</p>

<p>i am pumped! i'm visiting this weekend for the accepted students thing.</p>

<p>We have visited four times. Love the school, campus, teachers and biology dept.
My son had several options but is going to La Salle based on the quality reputation and success and satisfaction of graduates.</p>

<p>Hi ... I heard that quite a few students who live at LaSalle return home on the weekends. Do you find that to be the case?</p>

<p>I think that is more an issue with freshman, who may have boyfriends or girlfriends still at home or in a neighboring school. It wears off quickly if you are not in that situation. And of course you need to live close enough, and have transportation, to do that. After you settled, there is plenty to do. My son didn't come home nearly as much after freshman year.</p>

<p>Another question .... i saw on one website that many of the clubs and organizations seem to be super liberal. I Don't want a school that obviously leans to the left OR the right though if I had to take my pick I would choose leaning to the right cause that means less politically correctness, a major pet peeve of mine. Any comments on this?</p>

<p>the only clubs that deal with politics are college democrats and whatever the republican club is called. La Salle is Catholic, so it's not an extraordinarily liberal school. i dunno where the website got that idea, ha.</p>