La unifieds TATTOO

<p>Quick question - I have a moderately small unoffensive tattoo on my foot and will be wearing Mary Jane type heels tomorrow for the LA Unifieds... Would it be wise to cover the tattoo up with a band aid or make-up or let it be visible? Also, does anyone know if there are readily available outlets to plug in a boombox for auditions or must things be battery operated? Thanks all!</p>

<p>Don't cover it up. You are auditioning yourself and that includes all of you and the tattoo is certainly a part of you. You are not the first to have a tattoo and who knows, it might even spark a conversation.</p>

<p>Agreed. If it's not overbearing or innapropriate, I see nothing wrong with it. The tattoo won't go away if they accept you and you attend their university. It will come up some how or another. :)</p>

<p>IF they notice it, they won't care.</p>

<p>I wouldn't worry about a tattoo. </p>

<p>Don't count on outlets to plug something in. The best thing is to use an IPOD with a speaker.</p>