Lacrosse Title

<p>Congratulations to the Tufts Men's Lacrosse team for capturing the first-ever NCAA Championship title in school history. Awesome job!!! Go Jumbos!</p>

<p>Athletics</a> Department - Tufts University</p>

<p>and Julia Browne wins NCAA singles title in tennis---very awesome accomplishments for Jumbos!!!</p>

<p>While we're at it, the Tufts Track and Field teams brought home five All American honors this weekend with Jesse Faller's 5th place in the 10k, Jared Engelking's 7th place in the decathlon, Nakeisha Jones's 3rd place in the triple jump, Kelly Allen's 4th place in the discus, and Dayorsha Collins's 5th place in the high jump.</p>

<p>WOW, very nice. Congratulations to Tufts students-athletes, coaches and fans. Great job!</p>

<p>Does anyone know where to gets a Tufts Lax championship t-shirt? Thanks!</p>