LACs in the NC area

<p>I'm already applying to a Bryn Mawr/Vassar/Davidson like places. What are some LACs that are in the NC area (TN/VA/GA)? Oh and before you mention it, Furman is already off the list.</p>

<p>Also, some safeties would be great.</p>

Black female from Charlotte, NC
3.87 w, 3.0 uw
1310 SAT (720 v, 590 m) I'm taking it again
I'll be taking the next ACT
IB Diploma Candidate (4 years of IB math, english, history, spanish; 3 years IB chem; 1 year IB Bio; IB psych SL; TOK)
AP European History this year
82/503 at a very competitive high school (top 16%)</p>

4 years in award-winning choirs
community service
mock trial
National Fine Arts Honor Society
National Spanish Honor Society</p>

<p>I can guaruntee glowing recs and a pretty good essay.</p>

<p>Also, my mom is a single parent who only makes $28,000-30,000. Will my financial aid needs be met at the places you name?</p>

<p>University of the South-Sewanee, TN
Rhodes College-Memphis, TN
Agnes Scott College-Atlanta, GA
Wofford College-Spartanburg, SC
Spelman College-Atlanta, GA
Presbyterian College-Clinton, SC</p>

<p>Oglethorpe,and Elon. If all-womens colleges are acceptable look at Wesleyan in Macon,Georgia.They sent D a very nice brochure and it looks interesting. University of Richmond. Mary Washington.Both small uni's with LAC feel.</p>

<p>Also Washington and about William and Mary though bigger...</p>

<p>Agnes Scott has a significant African-American presence if that's a consideration. College of Charleston. A star student of my husband's went to Oglethorpe and had a great experience. I know a couple of kids who are looking at Mercer in Ga, but I think it is rather "Furmanish"</p>

<p>I would add three additional schools to your list (all would be safeties for you):</p>

<p>Erskine College -- very small, but pretty good in the sciences</p>

<p>Hollins University -- all women's school (on the undergraduate level, though they admit men in their MFA program) with a very strong creative writing program.</p>

<p>Warren Wilson -- politically, a very liberal school. Like Hollins, they have a well known creative writing program. Warren Wilson employs what they call the triad -- "academic study, useful and productive work, and service to others beyond the campus community" are all expected and required. (from WW's mission statement). A very interesting school. If you are looking for a school out of the ordinary, but where you can receive a quality education, Warren Wilson would be an excellent choice for the right student.</p>

<p>Since no one has yet mentioned it, how about Guilford College?</p>

<p>UNC-Asheville would also be a good match/safety that would be very affordable, especially considering you would be a great merit aid candidate.</p>

<p>I also second Wofford, Elon (not a bad deal itself, though its financial aid program is notoriously suspect), and Guilford. Is the atmosphere what takes Furman off your list, or is it another factor? That may have a role in what other colleges you might not want to look at...</p>

<p>Aspirer - curious about your comment about Elon's financial aid. Care to elaborate? Thanks.</p>

<p>The case that sticks out in my head is of a fairly smart friend of mine getting into Elon and spending his first semester there (while working), but having to pull out since he couldn't afford it. He then proceeded to transfer to, if I remember correctly, Wake Forest, where I think he's managing to stay financially afloat. (To be fair, I think he's staying at home now--he lives about 15 minutes from Wake--but WF's tuition is still greater than Elon's pre-aid total cost.)</p>

<p>I know a few other students there who say things like, "You have to be dirt-poor to get any aid here" and hear things from the administration along the lines of "...we keep the price low at the expense of cutting our aid; we could raise the tuition $10,000 and give you all $10,000 scholarships, but what's the point in that?" Their</a> own website has the following quote:</p>

<p>"Without a sizable endowment, Elon is not always able to offer a student the financial assistance we would like to be able to offer, nor are we always able to meet need. However, our admissions policy remains need-blind and our commitment to providing every student the highest quality education for the lowest possible price remains firm."</p>

<p>Final note: PR's website and rankings have always been in controversy on this site, but you may be interested in knowing that they ranked Elon's financial aid quality with a rating of 61. That doesn't sound too bad... until you realize it's on a scale from 60 to 99. :)</p>

<p>Elon's an excellent school, really, and most of my evidence concerning its aid program is anecdotal anyway, but it's still something to take into account. W&M's another good school I'd look at, but I have no idea how their financial aid program is--aid for out-of-staters at publics can be pretty scarce sometimes.</p>

<p>I believe that Washington & Lee and Davidson are the two top southern LACs for a reason. You obviously already know about Davidson, but both are very selective. You stand a great chance at either, however. If I were an adcom at either school, I would see you as a potentially important part of building a diverse class, which is something southern private schools have had a hard time doing with regards to race and economic situation.</p>

<p>W&L has fantastic aid. My parents' income is nearly the same as your mother's, and I'm not worried a bit about money.</p>

<p>It's an incredible school in an amazing location (campus and neighborhood) with a fascinating history. (So many adjectives!)</p>