LAC'S vs. Uni's

<p>This topic has probably been beaten to death on this forum, I wouldn't know.</p>

<p>Anyway, what are the advantages of LAC's over uni's, and uni's over LAC's? We're talking elite colleges in both categories here. What are the differences? I'm trying to decide which would be better for me...universities, in general, seem like they offer more opportunities, but I'm kind of concerned about their ability to concentrate on undergrads as opposed to graduate students and research. Here's my list...
Wash. U in St. Louis

<p>The colleges at the bottom are ones I'm not sure about, the LAC's because I think they're probably less good than the others I listed, and the uni's because I'm not sure about the whole university thing.</p>

<p>almost all the schools you have listed there, with the possible exceptions of harvard and washu, focus on undergrad over grad. if those are the schools you're looking at I would just pick the one you like most.</p>

<p>Thanks, any more advice? (Really, this is a bump... :-) )</p>

<p>Really, from the colleges you have listed I don't think there is much difference between a LAC and Uni. There is a difference if you start to look at a bigger Uni (like say Mich State) or at a science school (like MIT or Carnegy Mellon).</p>

<p>You've got the general idea. IMO you need to visit & talk to people to get a good idea of what particular places are really like.</p>

<p>In some cases I think the best plan might be to attend an LAC for the first two years, then switch to a university. Reason; more advanced course offerings available, which you might find desirable once you get into your major and your interests become more finely honed; ii) possibly ability to take grad courses, and iii)talk to grad students about what's up in the grad world; iv)often better career center; more recruiters on campus. But these advantages do not always exist; it depends on the school.</p>

<p>THe huge classes at the big schools are mostly experienced during the first two years. Depending on your major.</p>

<p>YOu should check though.</p>