Ladies and gentlemen.

<p>Wow I wish we had snow days... the last one I can remember was on St.Patricks day when I was in fifth grade (1999). </p>

<p>As for WWII - I'm studying that right now in my IB history class as well. Even though we're in Canada, we get to analyse different perspectives on it all, which I quite enjoy. It's very cool. It might even be better than the leader's debate on CTV yesterday... oh man. It's almost unbearable - they're just all so.... ick. Jack Layton has definetly been the strongest in debate though, even though I wouldn't be an NDP. I want to be be liberal but not with the current party as it is - leaving no options really. Meh, my stupid conservative MP will be re-elected because they would probably re-elect a banana if it ran for the conservatives here in my riding (gotta love Alberta). Somebody tell me why Rick Mercer isn't running for PM!!! </p>

<p>Hooray for Canadian politics!</p>

<p>I definitely know nothing about Canadian politics. </p>

<p>I like the multiple perspectives. When I did it in America once it was essentially Germany and Hitler are evil, America rocks! That was the breadth of what we learned.</p>

<p>^Yeah, world history is much more interesting usually. Unfortunately, my school doesn't offer many classes on it. :(</p>

<p>LMFAO. This is a super necro.</p>