Ladies and gentlemen.

<p>Hi. Talk to me.</p>

<p>How about we switch states? I'd love to live in California.</p>

<p>No thanks. I like it here [a lot].</p>

<p>But it'd be really fun if we could switch for a week or something.</p>

<p>With the weather at my state, I think you'd want to move back in a day.</p>

<p>Isn't there a tv show where they do that? Like you switch lives for a week.</p>

<p>Honestly, I wouldn't be suprised. Reality shows are everywhere.</p>

<p>Do you really live in Germany? How's the weather there?</p>

<p>I don't really watch tv anymore, except for some news occasionally.</p>

<p>Do any of you guys remember my Carson scenario?</p>

<p>I'm probably a little late on tv shows. They come out much later here than in the US. </p>

<p>Yeah I do live in Germany. Its definitely winter. -10 outside and snowing.</p>

<p>Do they have snow days there?</p>

<p>What's your Kate, what's your Carson scenario?</p>

<p>I live in the Bay Area. we have weird weather....</p>

<p>We almost never have snow days. We had two last year, but that was really rare. In 60 years the school has only given 3 snow days. There has to be like a meter of snow on the ground public transport closed for them to cancel school.</p>

<p>Only half an inch before closings here. :)</p>

<p>We had about 7-10 snow days here last year. It made it so we didn't have mid-terms. (Which was awesome.)</p>

<p>I want to travel to Germany someday.</p>

<p>I'm curious, how is World War 2 taught in Germany? Like what sort of context is it viewed upon?</p>

<p>You guys are so lucky. I want snow days. Last year when they gave us one, the snow was above waist level. </p>

<p>Germany is really great. I love it here. </p>

<p>Actually we are studying WWII. I'm at an international school and we follow the IB curriculum. But it is definitely different. There are a lot of kids who's grandparents fought for Germany in the war. It's not pro Hitler or anything, but it looks at all sides, both positive and negative. Its a lot different than in America, mainly because we can see the places where it happened.</p>

<p>wow, that's awesome. what an experience to right there</p>

<p>So last Friday I met this hot guy (Carson) at my winter dance. We slow danced and a few days after that I found out that Nathan, this guy at my school, brought him. My friend out of that he didn't have a gf, so we went to ask Nathan for Carson's number. And Nathan and this other kid said that they'd have to talk to Carson about it first. So it's no longer up to me. </p>

<p>He's so exotic... I can't stop thinking about him.</p>

<p>Sorry, this was so random.</p>

<p>aw. its alrite. i hope things work out for you!</p>

<p>Well, I thought scarlet's description was a lot more interesting than Carson, but uh. thanks for sharing.</p>

<p>We're pretty biased here. I don't know both of the sides, but it's fairly easy to tell how "wrong" Germany is depicted here.</p>

<p>Thanks prolixity. But I won't care if he doesn't like me back. Because there is so much in life to look forward to.</p>

<p>I'm not happy at all, which sucks. I don't know how to be happy. IT'S SO SAD. I'm not even exaggerating. :(</p>

<p>TuftsPlease, you came to my thread, I share everything.</p>

<p>I think we have a pretty objective view over here- because we have kids from all over the world, with their own views on it. So its cool. </p>

<p>Good luck with the guy Kate, guy stuff is always confusing.</p>