Ladies Line Up, The 10 Best Colleges To Find A Husband

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<p>Williams, Princeton, Stanford, Harvard, Amherst, Duke, Notre Dame, Caltech, Carleton and Harvey Mudd made the list. Its the most random collection of schools ever.</p>

<p>What do ya'll think?;)</p>

<p>My D would agree with this:

What we don’t want in a future husby? We’ve struck party schools from our list since lushes typically don’t make great life partners


<p>I was hoping my S's school would make the list. I want some nice, smart woman to marry him and give me grandchildren! :D</p>

<p>Ironically, I know a number of married couples who are both alums of the school...</p>

<p>Random? Hardly.</p>

<p>How about the service academies? They would all have many more men than women. Did they omit the word rich in the title?</p>

<p>Weird list... very incomplete analysis!! lol
For instance, Bowdoin should have made it- has highest rating for attractiveness of men.</p>

<p>This has got to be one of the silliest lists ever. Furthermore, it's not as though a girl can simply decide to attend one of these schools, given that they are among the most selective in the country.</p>

<p>Most women do not want to marry someone who could widow them young, so that knocks out the service academies IMO. No disrespect intended to the brave, loyal, intelligent, and clean-cut young men who attend.</p>

<p>Absolutely silly. I remember Colorado Women's College (which falls under the University of Denver now) being known as Cadet Wife College when I was in Colorado.</p>

<p>I married my service academy husband during peace time, The GFG. And where I was from, people either went to prison or the Army, so I guess that wouldn't have made him much of a catch.</p>

<p>Carleton? Seriously? They really don't seem like the marrying kind? My H's best friend (a Carleton grad) finally got married 20 years after graduation and that was only because he got a "girl" pregnant. I would have picked Southern traditional schools (good ol' Southern values) like Alabama and Ole Miss as being much more likely to get married. Where else does a girl go to get an MRS degree!</p>

<p>TheGFG, that was a highly disrespectful and unnecessary remark about service academy graduates (men and women) and their spouses.</p>

<p>Amherst? Really. For a girl looking for a husband it's terrible. Between Amherst girls, Mount Holyoke and Smith girls. the guy/girl ratio is god awful-not conducive to marrying</p>

<p>Agree, eastcoastcr.</p>

<p>I would rather my D marry a service academy graduate who understands loyalty, honor and duty -even with the risk of war- rather than some selfish, cowardly, prolonged adolescent from the Ivies, whose income will have to cover three divorces.</p>

<p>I'm not seeing many smilies in the replies. Are people really taking this article seriously? I thought the original article was meant to be a joke. A silly clueless one, yeah, but a joke. </p>

<p>The next time that I see a thread arguing about the value of the USNWR rankings, I'm going to cite this article as proof that high USNWR rank = good-looking male students. :D</p>

rather than some selfish, cowardly, prolonged adolescent from the Ivies, whose income will have to cover three divorces.


<p>Boy, do you people stereotype much? Pot meet kettle. Pretty uncalled for comment.</p>

<p>^^^^. Perhaps when one is chastising another individual for stereotyping, it would be best not to use the phrase "you people".</p>

<p>Another very offensive article for people to laugh at, I see.</p>

rather than some selfish, cowardly, prolonged adolescent from the Ivies, whose income will have to cover three divorces.


<p>Wow, is that how you characterize students who opt to attend an Ivy League school? Really? Yikes. </p>

<p>Not only do I not agree with such a characterization and such a broad one as that, but I feel personally insulted. My daughter went to an Ivy League school and she is the most giving person (opposite from selfish as you could get), courageous (not cowardly) and very mature for her age (totally not prolonged adolescent) and much more. I say that as a parent. But I also attended an Ivy for grad school myself. And my D and I would have the same traits as we do even if we had attended state U because we are who we are and not the school we attended.</p>

<p>Do you see something inherently wrong with going to an Ivy League school? My D chose her school for the challenging academics and the various programs and other aspects the school offered that met her selection criteria and not because it is an "Ivy." Good people go to Ivy League schools. :rolleyes:</p>

<p>PS, lots of people get divorced who went to public colleges, not very selective colleges and no college at all.</p>

<p>Ds is at one of these schools. I've already sent him the link with the subject line "No excuses. You've been deemed desirable." :D</p>

<p>r6l, your post makes me think of the saying, "The odds are good, but the goods are odd." :D</p>