Ladies -- opinion on foundation garments

So I am mother of the groom, only now realizing that I don’t own anything to wear under the (fitted, sheath-style) dress that won’t end up with the dreaded vpl. I have never owned Spanx; will I feel like a sausage? is there another choice? I am totally in the weeds on this!

I love my spanx. It isn’t so tight that it has the sausage feel, just smooths everything out.

Look online at Nordstrom under Shapewear and you’ll see lots of brands and different types of garments. I have a piece or 2 of Yummie, but everything else is Spanx. Spanx comes in different shaping levels so there’s no reason for the stuffed sausage feeling. If your dress fits well and you’re only trying to avoid VPL, you won’t need a high level of compression and you’ll be very comfortable. I find the Spanx website pretty helpful and they also have stores.

When I get really dressed up, I wear a body suit in the highest compression level. It makes the biggest difference in how I look in my dress and I’m not uncomfortable.

I skate with a group of “Adult Skaters” and all of us ladies wear Spanx under our costumes. It’s reasonably comfortable and, yes, we can move in it.

If you live close to Nordstrom or Macy’s, you can take your dress and have a salesperson help you find the right shape wear and try it all on in the store.

Nordstrom sale is going on now/soon, so if you want spanx it may be a good time to get it.

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Here is my favorite piece of shapewear:

Not cheap, but makes me look like royalty.

My tip about Spanx…I get s size larger than what I might normally wear. Really the Spanx are to smooth out the “lumps and bumps”. Not really to act as a girdle. A somewhat larger size works fine. And it’s way easier to get on and off.

I also have some Hanes shapewear from Target that I really like.

Kohl’s used to carry Spanx…do they still?? They were less costly than Nordstrom. I wear these when I don’t want any lines but don’t want to feel constricted. I wore them with both my MOB and MOG dresses. I considered Spanx or in my case I have a high waisted shorts style shapewear of medium compression made by Wacoal. I tried both dresses on with both and just felt more comfortable in the brief.

Simone Perele shapewear rocks. ?

I probably could benefit from spanx for my MOB dress, but the thought of having to deal with it every time I need to use the restroom prevents me from getting on board. This wedding is in Barcelona where the wine will be flowing for six hours at the first reception, and who knows how long at the after party.

Doesn’t this bother anyone else?

I have a Naomi and Nicole bodybriefer (bra panty one-piece). It has 2 hooks/eye crotch closure for easy bathroom breaks. No need to take it all off. Comes in variety of bra sizes. I think I got it at Macy’s a few years ago. My ultimate go to shapewear.

Plus, I’m long-waisted and there are several hooks/eyes to adjust the fit. I use the ones on the end and can be comfortable for hours.

I love spanx! I also agree to try in your size and one larger, to see how you feel and look under your dress.

I own the bicycle shorts, regular brief type and a…spanx thing! Haha. I have a pair of leather pants I wear them with in the winter. Fabric is think enough that you don’t see any wobble!

Where did you buy your dress? Did the sales team there have any recommendations bout foundation garments?

This thread made me laugh. My youngest son got married last September. I wore Spanx. It was comfortable enough but I peeled that sucker off that night and threw it into the bottom of the closet where I believe it still resides.

I wore ‘shapewear’ for a wedding yesterday. First time. I purchased this:
Since it’s a slip, restroom breaks were possible without disrobing. The slip has that slightly sticky stuff along the inside at the hem, which keeps it from creeping up. It was comfortable, even though it was very hot at reception hall. Since you wear your own bra, it doesn’t flatten anything you don’t want smoothed out.

So I tried on one of those torsette shaping slips today. In minutes I was sweating bullets, plus I have to say I really didn’t like the way my thighs rubbed together and it was tough to walk. The dress looked good, though, but I didn’t buy either.

Zulily has Spanx right now.

@FlyMeToTheMoon that’s exactly why I elected to go without for my son’s wedding! As with many things in my life as I age, I’m going for comfort rather than fashion. I just made sure to stand behind someone else for the pictures!