Ladies -- opinion on foundation garments

She was still developing the business plan and Spanx was not for in stores so she wasn’t super wealthy or successful yet.

I spend a lot of time trying on dresses to find the ones that work without shapewear. I just get too darn hot to contemplate anything more than my regular undergarments.
I like some workout gear with a bit of compression, so maybe there are compression levels that would work if I kept trying different kinds of shapewear…but so far, I haven’t found anything I like.
I certainly would like to look a little smoother under my clothes. I have a little pooch thing that I am sure will never completely go away.

“I spend a lot of time trying on dresses to find the ones that work without shapewear.” - Same here. But I’m 20 pounds lighter than a few years ago, so when the next kid gets married, dress shopping will hopefully be easier.

@BunsenBurner - I ordered the Simone Perele one you posted above to wear under the dress I am wearing at a wedding next month.

Hope it works out for you!

@eyemamom, another one who always wears a bike short type undergarment under dresses. Even if I don’t have to, lol!

Wearing a dress today on this very hot and humid day. With tight shorts underneath. I feel very comfortable

For my daughters wedding a few years ago, I intended to wear shapewear with my MOB dress, but on the day of the event, I decided it looked fine and I was comfortable without. Looking at the pictures later, I wish I HAD worn something. I’m not fat, but that 60 year old belly pouch shows up. Fortunately, my smile was so big that I’m not sure anyone but me noticed. I like the suggestions of wearing the proposed item ahead of time in a similar dress to see if it works. I knew mine was not so comfortably tight and that’s why I decided not to wear it. I didn’t realize that I could have gone with a larger size, just to smooth out more or that there were kinds with crotch openings.

I just got spanx shorts and sure enough they roll right down from the waistband. Back to my under armour 4” inch shorts.
I like to wear maxis - the Tommy bahama type in the summer. The shorts under them are perfect. I look more pulled together but feel like I’m wearing a nightgown.
For more formal or work I wear spanx one piece. I’ve grown accustomed to feeling like an encased sausage.

I admire all of you that will wear compression garments. It does make certain clothing look better. For DD’s wedding I found a dress that was beautiful, form fitted but required no squishing or compacting of body parts. To each his own, but my top consideration was comfort. Again - I admire you guys.

It is a very weird feeling to hug someone wearing a compression garment. Feels a little like touching those tightly wrapped sausages - liverwurst and Jimmy Dean - come to mine.

For folks who like to wear bike shorts-like shaping undies, I recommend these yoga shorts:

The Align line of pants comes in 4", crop, and full length, too.

I have wondered If someone hugging me could feel the “casing.” LOL

At least we are not wearing 1950s girdles plus the strappy things to hold up our hose!

We’ve come a long way, baby!

“We’ve come a long way, baby!” - Ha, if you say so… In my thinking, we’ve regressed. a lot with current cling styles and use of spanx. I’m not saying folks should not wear them if they like that option. I’m just saying I’d dread it as much as old fashioned girdle. (I will admit the bike shorts don’t look too awful - I’d consider myself it for a non-summer wedding - it’s fun to still be learning things on cc!).

I remember wearing not only pantyhose to work, but a slip! Why did we wear slips? I had 2 lengths.

Oooh slips! I remember being so excited to own a slip. I wanted a one piece dress looking slip so badly. I grew up dancing and wearing ballet tights so pantyhose never seemed a big deal to me. In fact none of this is a big deal to me, if I could be like scarlet O’Hara hanging onto the bedpost while someone was cinching me in I’d probably do it.

I remember wearing slips so one would not see the outline of one’s legs through the dress fabric. And, slips helped the fabric drap and move smoothly.

Haha! I don’t own a slip. I remember my mom had them in beige, in black, in various lengths…

Hey! @colorado_mom at least we’ve moved past using belts to hold up our Kotex pads! Yikes.

Omg I still have two slips in my closet. I haven’t worn them in many years, but kept them just in case. I’ve always liked long, flown skirts, so I still like the idea of a slip to prevent seeing through fabric. I’ve never bought Spanx or any other tightening/compressing garment, but I love Jockey Skimmies - slip shorts.

I still have and wear slips so things aren’t “see through.” I don’t like things that are so form fitting that they require extra garments. I don’t hear of men purchasing garments so that they don’t bulge and have lumps and bumps. I also see many women who have aching feet and worse due to “fashion shoes.” I don’t see or hear of men similarly afficted nearly as often. I really don’t believe we’ve come as far as would be good.

There are Spanx for men, too.

" I don’t hear of men purchasing garments so that they don’t bulge and have lumps and bumps."

Spanx for men is apparently very successful. Tommy John prides itself on offering shaping undershirts. There other brands as well.