Lady GaGa Alejandro

<p>Just saw the video for this song and was wondering what others thought about it. While I am not easily shocked, I found it very inappropriate, especially for "tweens", who are a major audience for music videos. It also seemed to me like a rip-off of all the worst parts of several other female artists music videos; Madonna, Janet Jackson, Brittany Spears...</p>

<p>Even Katy Perry of "I kissed a girl" fame is put out by this video.</p>

<p>She says that using blasphemy to be controversial as a rock star is as "cheap" as a comedian getting laughs by using _____ jokes.</p>

<p>GaGa wants to be the next Madonna. In order to be the "next" anything, you have to go further. It's kind of sad.</p>

<p>I have heard the song, but not the video. Nothing seems to surprise me anymore. People no know bounds of decency. Particularly the ones who make a buck off of it.</p>

<p>I looked at the video; couldn't hear the song. I wouldn't claim comprehensive knowledge of the video oeuvre of Madonna, Janet Jackson, or Britney Spears, but I'm not unfamiliar with it, either. This didn't seem like a rip-off to me at all. It was higher quality than anything I remember from any of them, frankly, although certainly provocative, maybe gratuitously so (like all of them).</p>

<p>Of course its propriety for tweens is highly questionable, which means that it's approximately like everything else. Frankly, I would rather have a tween watching this than anything I remember from Britney Spears. I wouldn't keep my tweens from watching it -- I didn't keep my tweens from watching anything, when I had tweens -- but I might want to discuss some aspects of it with them -- its disrespectful treatment of nuns, its hypersensuality, its use of homoeroticism and S&M elements. If you weren't prepared to talk to a tween about that stuff, then I suppose you might want to keep your tween away from this.</p>

<p>As for Katy Perry -- the future Mrs. Russell Brand Katy Perry? that paragon of propriety? -- getting press by taking shots at other (and actually much better) artists ranks much higher on the "cheap" scale than showing a nun in a red rubber habit.</p>

<p>I stopped watching lady gaga videos after all the dead bodies of women appeared in the Paparazzi video. I am not surprised by anything she does now and prefer to stick to the music. I wonder if her stage shows are as vulgar?</p>

<p>Lady GaGa is a remarkable preformance artist that got popular in the America pop/rock scene. She is really a very articulate young woman. I can understand people being put off, but that Paparazzi video was saying something important about the paparazzi and our culture. She wanted the very reaction that you had; she just wanted it to be at the Paparazzi. She is always telling a story. I find it interesting to try an figure the story out. Her costumes are alone worth the price of admission. IMHO</p>

<p>She's a marketing whiz (or is being managed by one), and has somebody who knows how to write hooks (maybe she writes them herself, which would at least make her a real talent). In those respects, she really is a lot like Madonna.</p>

<p>Personally, I think she is more talented than Madonna. I like the song, but that may be because it reminds me of the old Ace of Base song. Just watched the video and it is very well done and visually remarkable. It is performance art. I don't know where tweens even watch videos these days. I don't think MTV even shows them anymore. My D likes Lady Gaga but had never seen the video. I'm not sure what her message is with regard to religion but I probably agree with it.</p>

<p>she went to NYU Tisch for a couple years.</p>

<p>I was never really a fan of Gaga until I watched an interview of hers, where I realized she is more than just surface level image. She really does have a head on her shoulders, and any comparisons to Madonna or video references to other artists, that can be read as "copying", is more than just surface level. Telephone(the music video) has a lot of references to pop culture that upon surface level reading is entertaining or interesting, but there is more there than meets the eye.</p>

<p>My very snooty, hyper-intellectual, hipster twenty-something takes Lady Gaga very seriously. At some level, she feels represented by Gaga, in something of the way people in my generation may have felt represented by Bruce Springsteen, or Joni Mitchell, or Elvis Costello (to choose some disparate examples). And she regards Gaga as an intellectual equal or superior, not (as with most artists) a force of nature that can be appreciated intellectually without being intellectually driven. As others have said, she sees Gaga as a performance artist with a carefully worked-out agenda, and she appreciates both the agenda and the performance. This is pretty extraordinary for a girl who has been known to delete artists from her iPod if they get too popular. (Which doesn't even mean really popular. Sometimes it just means actually releasing a CD in normal commercial channels.)</p>

<p>I was hearing this for a long time from my daughter, without ever having seen or heard Lady Gaga. Then I saw her on TV, and my reaction was, "Oh. Madonna."</p>

<p>This isn't groundbreaking or shocking at all. I'm going to sound like a bit of a weirdo but all (and I mean * all * ) of her clothing and theme in this video is from a movement called "Steampunk". Yes, it might not be mainstream culture, but it's not a new concept. The way Gaga incorporates it is interesting, but to be frank I, myself, don't care for said movement due to the overt S/M overtones. The video does get offensive at some parts but it's also interesting; that's what makes it risque. It's forbidden, not novel, but not mainstream culture.<br>
Whatever the case may be, Ms. Gaga is laughing all the way to the bank.</p>

<p>Lady Gaga attended an expensive (very!) all-girls Catholic school while growing up. Here's an interesting article about her younger years.</p>

<p>How</a> a good convent girl went completely and utterly Gaga | Mail Online</p>

<p>Remarkable performance artist? Someone put a bit too much sugar in their Kool-Aid.</p>

Remarkable performance artist? Someone put a bit too much sugar in their Kool-Aid.


<p>Yep, it is a perversion...Probably it was a gifted kid, which grew up with a twisted mind. </p>

<p>I can tell she will do anything for money....probably hiding behind colorful, weird costumes and sticky music.</p>

<p>Yep...super disgusting video. This is the kind of garbage our kids have to endure. Example of a miserable mind that corrupts the human being...That’s what it is....trash!</p>

<p>You know who has the way to operate deceiving the human being!
It could be a nice lyric, but you have to endure her devilish behavior and the trash that comes with it!</p>

That’s what it is....trash!


<p>One man's trash is another man's performance art. People who don't like her don't have to watch her, listen to her or spend a dime on her.</p>

<p>YouTube</a> - Llamas with Hats 2</p>

<p>She has talent. She was accepted to Julliard at late middle school or early high school although chose not to attend. She was accepted to NYU Tisch without having finished high school and matriculated/attended but did not graduate.</p>

<p>^Dang, I wonder why she didn't attend Julliard.</p>

<p>She's definitely a star, but I think she's a lot more hype than talent. It's only a matter of time before the public turns on her and moves on to the next "It Girl."</p>