Lafayette College or Virginia Tech for Engineering

My son is deciding between VT and Lafayette for mechanical engineering. I welcome any advise as I don’t know how to help his decision process. Concern with Lafayette is the small size and social opportunities. Concern with VT is the large size and falling through the cracks in academics. He feels blessed to have the decision to make in this difficult admission season but mom needs some help guiding him in this decision.

Has he had a chance to visit to assess fit - how comfortable he feels on campus, around the environment, etc. This can often make the decision, but the lack of “admitted student” days this year makes it tough.

On a pure academic/reputation basis, I’d say VT. It was also my daughter”s #2 pick behind Purdue, where she ended up.

VT will offer a more in-depth technical education, Lafayette will include the technical aspects but also more breadth and flexibility. Depending on his background and profile, one should feel more appealing than the other.

Very different schools. Assuming both are affordable your son should choose the environment he prefers.