Lafayette Football

<p>We visited Lafayette a while back and I don't remember any mention of the football team. Well, I just checked their schedule (they just lost to Penn) and it looks like they have a very good team and every school on their schedule has a larger (or much larger) enrollment than Lafayette, so I would guess that football is a very big part of college life at Lafayette, especially in season! Any comments?</p>


<p>Football at Lafayette gets a HUGE following from students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the Easton/Phillipsburg community. The games are always packed (14,000 capacity), and our new stadium is awesome. They just added lighting for night games, new restroom/vending areas, chairback seating, artificial turf, and more! A varsity clubhouse is in the works as well.</p>

<p>To check out a LIVE webcam of Fisher Field, click on the following link:</p>

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<p>The facility is fantastic and the college's dedication to athletics is astounding.</p>

<p>Yes, we just lost to Penn, but we'll come back. Our team is very strong this year, and has its sights on winning the Patriot League title for the third year in a row!</p>

<p>Lafayette, as you well know, has a Division I football program that is as competitive as other (more well-known) Division I programs. Our school is quite unique in that we offer 23 DI sports for a population of just over 2,400 students.</p>

<p>If you get the chance to come on down to Easton, PA to watch a game and experience the energy of Lafayette football, please do! You will be amazed.</p>

<p>All the best,</p>


<p>BTW, where in NJ are you from? I'm from Bergen County, myself!</p>

<p>And let's face it, there isn't much to do in Easton on a Saturday afternoon...</p>

<p>Class of '75</p>