Lafayette Readmission

<p>Hello, I was accepted to lafayette this year, but I turned it down. I was foolish not to take lafayette and I am realizing that now. Do you think my chances of being accepted next year as a readmitted transfer are greater since I was previously accepted? should I apply as a spring transfer? Please comment, thanks!</p>

<p>Why don’t you get in touch with them now? Every now and then I have read about students changing there minds and some are successful in getting in for the fall.
Good luck.</p>

<p>I gave them a call about a week ago, and they told me that their incoming class is already filled up:/ should i keep in touch with them throughout the summer in case a seat opens up?</p>

<p>By this time, all their incoming spots would have been filled and it seems unlikely that someone would drop out since deposits for all other colleges were also due early May. So your chance of being admitted for fall might be very slim. I would recommend you stay in communication with them about possibly starting at Lafayette in the spring. If you have already accepted a spot at another college, maybe you should consider enrolling there for fall semester or perhaps even at a community college for a semester to keep your credits up.</p>