Lame decision, can I still make it???

<p>I'm a senior and will graduate without taking any foreign language (except in 1-6th grade)! I thought I could get it through distance learning, but a foreign lang. is the worst. Here's the rest:
English- 2 yrs Honors and 2 AP
History- 1 yr Honors and 2 AP
Biology- 1 yr Honors
Chemistry-1 yr AP
Economics- 1 yr AP
Geo/Trig- 1 yr Honors
Alg. II- 1 yr Honors
Statistics- Community College
Drama- 1 yr regular and 2 IB
Advanced Dance- 4 yrs (3 yrs leader)
Showchoir-3 yrs (3 yrs. dance capt)
Choir-1 yr
Stage Crew 1 yr
Art- 1 semester</p>

<p>Straight A's (which is 4.7 at my school). Rank 11/785 (Taking only 10-11).
SAT 760 verbal, 710 Math
SAT II 760 writing, 750 math 660 US History
AP Chem 3, US Hist. 5, Eng. 5, Eur. His. 4
ACT 34</p>

<p>My EC's are dance, choir, theater of course. But, I was also HOBY ambassador sophomore year and have been in Interact for 2 yrs (as an officer)</p>

<p>Planning to major in Musical Theater BFA /or double Major and Minor Theater, Dance, Voice BA</p>

East Carolina University
Ohio Wesleyan
Illinois Wesleyan

<p>Does anyone have any feedback or recommendations for other schools? </p>

<p>I can't do foreign language at community college next semester due to auditions, performances etc. I will take a language over the summer if required and will definitely take one first semester.</p>

<p>Based on your stats and interests in theatre and music, I'd recommend that you consider seriously Denison and Ohio Wesleyan University. These are the two schools that are much more like each other than any of the other schools that you list. Ohio's Wesleyan University is much more liberal than Denison. A lot of Northeasterners at both schools. Both schools are much better regarded than the other schools that you list.</p>

<p>Academically that may be the case, I thought Muhlenberg would be in the same group. However, the other schools all offer BFA or BM in Musical Theater. Denison, Ohio Wesleyan and Muhlenberg offer BA in Theater. A BFA does offer the advantage in that programs will not be in competition with each other. The BA programs require trying to combine 3 different majors/minors. Not impossible, but more complicated.<br>
I'm from Southern Calif., so any of these schools are going to be a cultural and physical shock (weather) for me. But I am trying to identify a strong musical theater program with good liberal arts.
Any other fits??</p>

<p>Any additional thoughts? Please!!</p>

<p>I think you should have a very good shot at most of the schools on your list even though you won't have the language and you're weak in science. Do any of the schools on your list require an audition? If so, that could be a plus - even if not, I'm assuming you'll be sending a tape to showcase your talents. That will help.</p>