Lamest Visit Ever

<p>Just got back from "preview day" - - if you want to call it that. This girl took us from building to building, stood outside, pointed at it and said "this is XXX building" - didn't go into a dorm room, the gym, the caf, nothing but a classroom.... HUH?</p>

<p>People drove from North Jersey and New York, and they couldn't even bother to open up a freaking DORM room??? I guess they don't want OOS $$$ too badly!!!</p>

<p>State university $$ at work. @@</p>

<p>You must have had an awful tour guide. S will be attending Mason OOS in the fall (from NY). We had excellent tours - however we never did go into the cafeteria. During orientation, we had lunch there - the food is absolutely amazing. It is all cooked on the premises - no food service here. There are seven different stations - 30+ item salad bar, chinese, wraps, pasta, sandwiches, pizza, etc. - and that was lunch. The food services manager told us that when there was a 2 foot snowstorm coming last winter, she assembled her staff, booked hotel rooms near campus and cooked for these kids for seven straight days. During orientation, we met students from California, Colorado, Texas and up and down the east coast. The gym is brand new and most of the buildings were built within the past 20 years. PM me if you want any additional info. I wouldn't write off Mason because of a bad tour guide.</p>

<p>It wasn't just the tour guide. The whole thing was sad.</p>

<p>This was supposed to be a big deal, originally scheduled for Friday. They had to cancel it, because of something going on with the construction. They asked us to choose either Thursday or Saturday, and since I had band camp Thursday I picked Saturday. Not a big deal.</p>

<p>It IS a big deal when you get to a school, and they tell you you can't go into the dorm, or the classrooms, or the gym, or any place else. What the heck? Parents and kids both took off work for this, drove hours. This is Not Professional.</p>

<p>I have never been on a worse tour, and I have been on probably 15 so far this year.</p>