Lamont Library, and Widener irksome!

<p>Does anyone else find their policy of checking every pocket in your backpack frustrating. I mean i go to the library with a ton of books', books' that i have personally purchased at the coop, and they proceed to unzip every pocket in my backpack which takes soo much time, and then they check my books one by one. I always feel awkward because i usually end up creating a gigantic line, and everyone stares. I don't like it.</p>

<p>Annoying? Yes. </p>

<p>Reasonable? Probably... there have been cases of theft in the past (Map</a> Thief To Serve Jail Time | The Harvard Crimson)</p>

<p>hmm, can anyone describe this so us incoming students please? :)</p>

<p>uh, ive never heard about this (but i loooked it up and everything). is this annoying enough that widener might not be a good study location?</p>

<p>@yohobroncos - Whenever you leave a library, they make you take all of the books out of your bag. They look at library books to make sure you've checked them out, and then you're all set. It takes no more than 30-45 seconds... and is occasionally entertaining (there were some hilarious overnight lamont security guards my senior year). Not really worth worrying about, imo.</p>

<p>i agree, it's not really to much of a bother but i just find it inconvenient, Lamont library with the cafe is the place i like to study. Widener is to quiet for my taste.</p>

<p>It can be annoying sometimes but it shouldn't take more than a minute. A small price to pay for having access to the second biggest library system in the country.</p>

<p>Widener's the best!</p>